If you were to drive down Palmetto Avenue and pass the old Wolfy’s location you’d most likely hear the sounds of hammers hitting nails, smell sawdust and hear the voices of those hard at work – and it’s not because Wolfy’s is renovating. Vicky Daws, her parents Tom and Judy along with their business partner, Don were each tending to their own work space when I pulled into what used to be known as the bikers’ hangout in Sanford. The building is currently under construction and will have a completely different look and feel when it reopens as an event venue. Vicky and her crew asked that I pardoned their dust, but I was so excited visualizing all of the things that will be coming to this perfect venue located right on Lake Monroe that I didn’t even mind.

I sat down with Vicky as she gave me a verbal walk through of the building, since the only thing that was visually ready was the wood plank wall with its natural wood and deep blue colors which will complement the rustic elegance feel of the venue.

It was easy for me to start putting the room together as I allowed my imagination to turn Vicky’s words into reality. The spot which once held a full bar will now be replaced with a beautiful tile dance floor under a large elegant chandelier, the windows which were once covered with large curtains have been removed to allow a full two wall view of Lake Monroe (imagine the sunsets!) which gives you the feel of sitting on the water. The bathrooms have been gutted and will be completely redone allowing the rustic elegant feel to run throughout the entire building. The outdoor patio which overlooks the water will be the perfect spot for guests to mingle and just outside the front doors is a grassy area that sits right on the water which will be filled with rustic seating and an arch for the perfect future place to share your I dos.

Vicky, a Sanford local herself, is no newbie to the hospitality business as she grew up in the restaurant industry with her parents who owned several restaurants, and she now runs her own catering business. Miss Daws admitted that she would never limit her future guests and will allow other caterers to cater to her guests, keeping her doors open not only to other vendors, but the community as well.

Vicky and her team hope to create a space that is not only available for those looking to rent the space, but for kids and families as well. They hope to create fun nights, quarterly throughout the year, giving kids and families something to look forward to like movie nights, fishing competitions, concerts as well as collaborating with other local businesses for other exciting events that will give people a reason to come together and just have fun. And if all of this isn’t enough to get you excited about Venue 520 on the Water, here are just a few more things that are in the future for this new venue…a fire pit, large yard games and a pontoon boat for both rides for the locals and a grand entrance for a bride and groom as they arrive to their wedding. I don’t know about you, but I am ecstatic about this beautiful new location and all the future fun that is to be had.


Venue 520 on the Water

520 N Palmetto Ave, Sanford, FL 32771