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Jose Rodriguez & Claudia Mundlos, Charles Rutenberg Realty

Orlandology 101 – Sanford, the friendly city

On this first episode Realtors Jose and Claudia take you out to their own little town of Sanford. They will give you a sneak peek at all the fun things to do in town before they meet with Theo Hollerbach, owner of Sanford’s famous German restaurant, the Willow Tree Cafe and Magnolia Square Market, to get his views on Sanford. After that they interview Nelson and Christina, co-founders of the annual Love Your Shorts Movie Festival in Sanford and ask them about their experience of living in downtown Sanford and why Sanford makes such great place for a movie festival.

Jose and Claudia then share some scenes of their recent zip lining adventure at Zoom Air at the Sanford Zoo.

Next they are off to visit Sara, a historic home owner who shares her experience of living in the beautiful historic district of Sanford. After Jose and Claudia give an overview of the many different neighborhood options in Sanford, they visit Rob and Sarah who live in a gated subdivision as well as Dmitry who recently bought a small town home in Sanford. Last but not least, Jose and Claudia tour a true Sanford luxury home. So lean back and relax, here comes Sanford Florida!

Topics Covered:

  • Things to do and events in Sanford FL
  • Neighborhoods of Sanford FL
  • How is it to live in a historic home/the historic district?
  • Reasons to live in Sanford FL
  • Sneak peek into 4 different home types of Sanford

Businesses and Web Sites mentioned in the video:

More info about events and things to do in Sanford can be found right here on Claudia’s blog

Upcoming Episodes:

  • Oviedo
  • Lake Mary
  • Longwood
  • Altamonte Springs



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