Sanford Selfie Competition LogoAlright, Sanford, April is drawing to a close, but you’re still out there snapping selfies! Here is the collection of selfies I found this week: Sanford Selfie Saturday. Huge thank you to everyone who has participated in this month so far; our goal is to spread the love of Sanford and to see it happening from within the community is very heartening. Don’t forget that #SanfordSelfie is a year-long program, with prizes for the best selfies every single month.

This month is sponsored by the Corner Cafe, and we’re so thrilled to be offering such a great prize package for our inaugural month!

April 2015 Prizes:

Main Sponsor: Corner Cafe Prize Package valued at $350:

    • $100 “Selfie Dollars” to spend at select Sanford businesses (YOU choose from our growing list)
    • Dinner for 4 at the Corner Cafe ($100 value)
    • 2 tickets to see the play “And Then There Were None” by Agatha Christie (runs May 1- May 9 at Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center) ($50 value)
    • 2 tickets to the Kentucky Derby Party on May 2nd, 2015 (a $60 value)
    • “Selfie Stick” (Self-Portrait Handheld Monopod with Bluetooth Remote, a $40 value) donated by Palm Tree Computer Systems of Sanford

So get out there and take some Sanford Selfies! Don’t forget that this is the last week to win the above package, so make it count!

Shoutout to my former dance student Ella, hamming it up for the camera (just like I always taught her to do!). Not quite a #SanfordSelfie, but still a great photo of having a good time in Sanford at String Theory Creations!

Sanford Selfie Saturday April 25 Ella

There are TWO official ways to submit a #SanfordSelfie to the competition: Facebook and Instagram. On FB, post directly to Sanford365’s Facebook Page, right HERE. On Instagram, post through your own profile like any other picture.

In order to get it in the competition and in the running for the big prizes, we must be able to find your selfie, and these are the two best ways. You also email it or message it to Sanford365…we don’t mind!

But no matter where your selfie ends up, as long as it has the #SanfordSelfie, you are helping us forward our mission of projecting a positive image for our town. You might not be in the competition, but thank you anyway!!

Still got questions? Try our FAQ! Or message us! Or email! We don’t bite!

How to submit a Sanford Selfie


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Sanford Selfie Saturday April 25 Waters