Since Sanford FL will be on national TV tomorrow night (Monday, February 8, 2010), I figured, why not write a little post about it? Many of you are probably not big fans of ABC’s reality TV show The Bachelor, and admittedly, I am not either, but it can be entertaining sometimes and I got kind of interested because there were 2 girls from Central Florida on the show – and one of them is from Sanford, FL.

Towards the end of each season The Bachelor gets to have home town dates with his favorite girls in order to meet their families and get to know their home towns. There are only 4 girls left, and 23 year old Vienna (the most controversial, yet, in my opinion most fun character in the house) from Sanford is one of them. You will be able to get a glance at Sanford during the home town date (which was filmed last year). In the preview I saw Lake Monroe (at least it looked like it), so I’m curious how much of Sanford will be shown. Hopefully the nation gets to see at least the beautiful historic downtown area and the Riverwalk.

So, in case you want to check out Sanford on TV, the show airs tomorrow, 2/8/2010, at 8pm (EST) on ABC. In case you miss it, you can watch it online a couple of days after that at