Here are the Fasching dates for the 2012 Season:

  • Thursday February 16th: Weiberfastnacht (Ladies Fasching)
  • Friday February 17th: Support Your Sports (choose your favorite team!)
  • Saturday, February 18th: Bavarian Night (Dress in dirndl and lederhosen)
  • Sunday, February 19th: International Night (show how your culture celebrates Carnival!)
  • Tuesday, February 21st: Maskenball (Costume Party) Get creative! There will be a costume contest with prizes for Best Costume (male and female), Best Group, and Best Couple. Costumes are greatly encouraged, but not required.


If you would like to experience Mardi Gras German style, you should definitely check out the Willow Tree Cafe in Sanford.

Starting on Thursday, February 11th (in connection with Alive After Five’s Party Gras event in Sanford), Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe will kick off its FASCHING season with a fun schedule of German style carnival parties.

A little bit about the German Mardi Gras season:

In Germany we call Mardi Gras “Fasching”, Fastnacht or Karneval and it is one of the biggest celebrations throughout the year (probably only topped by the Oktoberfest).

The most famous celebration takes place in Koeln (Cologne) on the Monday before Mardi Gras (in German: “Faschingsdienstag”). That Monday is called “Rosenmontag” and there is a huge parade going through Koeln. I have been there and it is a lot of fun but also gets REALLY crazy! Definitely in the New Orleans Mardi Gras or Carnival in Rio direction.

On the Thursday before Mardi Gras almost every town in Germany has some type of Ladies Night Mardi Gras. In Bavaria, where I come from, we call it “Weiberfasching” and it is the most fun night of all Mardi Gras celebrations. No guys are allowed in bars until midnight (which doesn’t stop them from dressing up as women and getting into the bars anyway…). You could probably compare that night to Halloween party nights here in the US – the costumes are just as creative 😉

So I am obviously pretty excited that the Willow Tree is again bringing some German tradition into Sanford and am looking forward to seeing how Fasching turns out. Below is the Fasching schedule taken from the Willow Tree Cafe web site.

  • Thursday, Feb 11, from 5 – 9 pm: In conjunction with the Alive after Five Street party we will have Weiber Fastnacht (the ladies get the keys to Willowtree). Women should wear crazy colorful clothing (think Gypsy). Men should wear a tie (the women look forward to cutting it off). Look out for special musical numbers.
  • Friday, Feb 12,  7 – 10 pm: its Pajama Night women should wear long robes, night shirts, house shoes and night creams men should wear long johns, robes and house slippers. The Fasching committee will be handing out “Betthupferl”.
  • Saturday, Feb 13,  7 – 10 pm: Bavarian Fasching (Febtoberfest): Women Dirndl’s and Trachten outfits, men Lederhosen and Trachten outfits
  • Sunday, Feb 14:Valentine’s Day wear red and bring your sweetheart.
  • For all above events reservations are highly suggested please tell our staff which event you will be attending
  • Mon. Feb. 15th: Rosemonday Luncheon and bring roses for your friends.
  • Tuesday, Feb 16, 7 – 10 pm: Costume Ball/Masken Ball: THIS EVENT WILL BE LIMITED TO 180 GUESTS WITH RESERVATIONS ONLY! Costumes are required. Please no children this is an adult evening! Each guest should wear a costume (think Mardi Gras Fashions). We will have prices for Best Costume Men and Women, Best Couple and Best Group.

Music will be provided by Jimmy Horzen and Eckhard Wachsmuth for all events.