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Sanford and the German Connection

Direct from Claudia, Founder and Editor of Sanford365

claudia_open_id-smallAs pretty much everyone who has been following me around town for a while knows, I am German. And as a German I couldn’t be more thrilled to live in Sanford, FL. When I moved here from Germany in 2004 I had no idea that our town actually is home to the best German restaurant in the country (that’s unofficial, but official is the fact that Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe owns spot #2 on the national ranking of all German restaurants, how’s that for being wunderbar?). I quickly found my way to Hollerbach’s and have been frequenting them ever since. Hollerbach’s gave me back a little piece of Germany and made me very proud about our food and culture which I love to share wherever I can. Little did I know back then that I was in for an even bigger privilege a few years later: a true German Deli – right here in Sanford! That sealed the deal for me to stay here indefinitely (not that I was ever thinking about leaving Sanford…). So between these two locations and German cultural events like the annual Oktoberfest, Fasching or Nikolaustag, the Hollerbach family has given me the German dose I need when I miss my family and friends in the Heimat. And don’t get me even started on the World Cup (among numerous other soccer events at the restaurant)!! I was lucky enough to watch the final in in Munich last year (2015) but a little part of me missed my Sanford German connection while I was cheering on the Mannschaft.Claudia and Sumalee in dirndls at Oktoberfest send Sumalee to Germany

I am beyond thankful that they make it so much easier for me to pass on my German heritage to my boys Nicolas and Lukas. They look adorable running around in their Lederhosen at the Willow Tree 😉

Why am I telling you this? Well, I would love to share Germany and our culture with my dear friend Miss Sumalee Eaton who is in the running to win a one week trip to my home country! Click here to vote for her!

There is not a person I know that is more passionate (and it’s the infectious type of passion!) and genuine about her love for Sanford than Sumalee. That is also why I asked her to join me here at Sanford365. She has spread the love for Sanford though numerous articles she wrote for the blog (and she continues to do so not only here but also at The Current, Sanford’s only monthly magazine). I would love for her to experience Germany and hope that she will fall in love with it and my people just as she has fallen in love with Sanford. And what better spokesperson to have than Sumalee – be it for her to bring back amazing stories about her trip, but also to share Sanford with Germany and create that little Sanford connection over there.

So please help us out and vote daily to send Sumalee to Germany.
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It’s simple, takes about 5 seconds and could change this young woman’s life forever for good. She truly deserves it. And at the very least she deserves to have a Mass at the real Oktoberfest in Munich this year.

Thank you!