Sanford Selfie Competition LogoGot questions about the Sanford Selfie Program? There’s a good chance the answer is below in our Sanford Selfie Program FAQ (frequently asked questions)! If not, feel free to comment with your question or send an email to

Wait, how do I enter again?

If you have an Instagram account, 1) snap your selfie, 2) add some sweet filters and put #SanfordSelfie in the caption, then 3) post.

Sanford Selfie FAQ Instagram How To Enter

How to Enter Your #SanfordSelfie on Instagram


If you prefer to use Facebook, then go straight to Sanford365’s FB Page, click “Post to Page” and upload your selfie with the #SanfordSelfie hashtag.

Where do I have to take the picture?

To qualify, take your picture anywhere in Sanford (32771, 32773).

How will you know if I took my selfie in Sanford?

We have sophisticated Sanford technological whosiewhatsies that can tell. Just kidding, if your Sanford Selfie is a quality Sanford Selfie, we should be able to tell! If you’re not sure what we mean, take a look at the bevy of amazing entries from last summer’s contest for examples of how you can incorporate Sanford into your selfie. We know that sometimes it’s more about the activity and the memory than the visuals when it comes to a Sanford Selfie, so don’t be afraid to explain yourself in the caption!

Why is the hashtag different from last summer’s contest? I thought it was #DTSS?

Last summer’s contest used #DTSS (Downtown Sanford Selfie) because 1) only entries taken in Downtown Sanford were considered and 2) no one knew that Downtown Silver Spring, Maryland was also using the same hashtag. We switched to #SanfordSelfie to avoid confusion and broaden the criteria to all of Sanford.

Why can’t I just post my selfie to Facebook with the hashtag? Why does Instagram get all the hashtag love?

Well, in order to collect all of the selfies people enter into the competition, we gotta be able to find them…and Facebook doesn’t like hashtags. To be sure we are receiving your selfies on Facebook, make sure you are posting them to Sanford365’s Facebook with #SanfordSelfie.

How many times can I enter?

As many as you want! You can enter the Competition via Facebook and Instagram AND the Themed Selfie Contest every month. That’s a chance every month to win $100 to spend on small Sanford businesses AND a chance to win a giveaway from our sponsors. Do you think you have what it takes to win both? Show us!

The only thing we ask is that everyone keep the selfies quality, meaning don’t post ten selfies taken seconds apart in the basically the exact same pose or all bathroom selfies. Get creative and diversify! Check out “How do I increase my chances of winning?” below for more information about judging.

How will I know who wins?

Follow Sanford365 on Facebook or Instagram (or both!). We will let everyone know who our judges chose and who will be getting our awesome prizes!

What is the themed contest about?

We ditched the Themed Contest for something more fun: the Hometown Favorite!

What is the Hometown Favorite?

Another chance to win! Each month, the staff of Sanford365 will choose their favorite selfie…and we are totally biased (in a good way!). While our Artist judges will be judging selfies on composition and quality, here at Sanford365, we care more about how much FUN you’re having in your selfie! We are in love with the sights and spectacle of Sanford, which means that we’ll probably be able to recognize what’s happening in your photo and take that into account in our judging process.

How do the prizes work?

For the top Sanford Selfie of the month (chosen by our judge), the winner receives $100 Selfie Dollars. That means that that the winner gets to choose $100 worth of gift cards from a list of participating  small Sanford businesses. The gift cards will be awarded in $25 increments, and the winner can choose up to four different businesses. Our list currently includes Hollerbach’s, Corner Cafe, Palm Tree Computers, the Imperial, Rabbitfoot, Root Raw Juice Bar, West End, Wondermade, Kathleen’s Klozet, Photoboom, and more!

For our Hometown Favorite, each monthly sponsor will be giving away a prize valued at $50, but some sponsors will up the ante and offer a prize worth even more!

How do I increase my chances of winning?

Take a really, REALLY good selfie. Try to incorporate as much Sanford as possible, and get creative. We know that sometimes it’s hard to get everything you want into a selfie, especially when it’s cropped for Instagram, so feel free to tell us about your selfie in the caption! Our judge will be judging the selfies based on creativity, use of Sanford as a backdrop, story, use of color composition, etc.

For the Hometown Favorite, Claudia and I will be looking for selfies we feel capture a love and excitement for Sanford. We know from (a ton) of personal experience that a lot of thought can go into a good #SanfordSelfie, but that sometimes it takes a Sanfordite to know that. We’ll be on the search for selfies with signature Sanford places and activities in them, and we are very very prone to pick selfies that pull at our heartstrings or make us laugh! So take that and run with it! (Don’t forget that you can enter as many times as you want each month.)

Why is Sanford365 running the Sanford Selfie Competition?

The Sanford Selfie Competition is designed to be a grassroots marketing campaign for Sanford. The goal is to get as many people posting Sanford-positive selfies as possible, and since Sanford365 has the biggest internet audience and platform in Sanford, we volunteered to help make it happen!

Why selfies?

People throughout history have created self portraits to project the image of themselves that they want the world to see. People still do this today, but now, anyone with a camera has the power to capture their self portrait, and this is a perfect opportunity for people who love Sanford to show the world the Sanford they see. The reason selfies are so perfect for a competition is that it’s easy to take a selfie, anyone can enter, and it’s completely free to participate.

Where can I read the full rules and fine print?

Right here: