Trivia Night in Sanford - Hosted by the Trivia Tart

Trivia Night in Sanford – Hosted by the Trivia Tart

Wednesday nights is Trivia Night in Sanford!

You should definitely stop by at the Black Swan in downtown Sanford (Park Avenue right off of First Street in Historic Sanford) on Wednesday. Starting at 8pm every Wednesday, this English pub turns into a little game show – and you participate!

The concept is simple: Questions will be asked by a host on stage (every other Wednesday it’s Sara of The Trivia Tart, check out her web site for the exact schedule and even more info) and you and your team (don’t worry, once there you will easily find a team to join in case you come alone) will write down your answers on the provided answer sheet. After each round the winners are announced. Generally there are at least 3 rounds (one of them the famous “Music Round” that we all love, you’ll see why). At the very end the overall winners will be announced and awarded some fun prices.

The questions can be about just anything and you will be surprised how much you can learn during Trivia Night while actually having a fun time with friends and new acquaintances. Get there early because seats fill up fast. Trivia Night is usually attended by 20-40 trivia fans 🙂

UPDATE on 7/21/2009: Attention Trivia Tart Fans: The Trivia Tart will host her Trivia Night at the Sanford Wine Company on Palmetto Street in downtown Sanford starting Thursday, August 20, 2009 at 8pm. Visit her blog here for more information.

The Black Swan will still have Trivia Night on Wednesdays just NOT with the Trivia Tart. So technically that means if you are a die hard trivia fan that means you could enjoy trivia night twice a week 😉

  • Dan the Man will be hosting Trivia Night at the Black Swan on Wednesdays


For more info contact the Black Swan at (407) 268-9447.