Follow our Sanford 365 Date Night Ambassadors as they take on Date Night #3 in Sanford, FL. Thank you for sharing your experience, Tracy and Mike! Be sure to follow Tracy & Mike on their many adventures @tracytakesiton Thank you also to Hollerbach’s, Pedal Driven and Escape Artists for donating the perfect date night for our ambassadors April Date Night!

Springfest in Downtown Sanford was all about Gemütlichkeit! What’s Gemütlichkeit you ask?!?! Well, it’s a German word that has many translations but is defined by the Hollerbach’s as “the overall sense of well-being you experience while enjoying good food and drink among friends and family.” And that is exactly what we had…. Gemütlichkeit!! 

I always check the calendar before planning a date night with so many great festivals and events going on in Sanford. As soon as I saw Springfest on the calendar, I knew this was the weekend for our date! 
We started out in Magnolia Square where all the fun was happening. We got our first German bier and a pretzel then popped into Hollerbach Outfitters where I picked out a gorgeous Dirndl to match my floral headband. Once we were dressed for the occasion, we danced and sang along with The Polka King, Jan Lewan, in the square. Everyone joined in as he sang “Zicke Zacke, Zicke Zacke, hoi hoi hoi! Prost!”
After one last bier and one last Prost, we strolled on over to Pedal Driven Co. on Park Ave. This is where things could have gotten ugly! It’s been a while since we have been on a bike, and we have NEVER been on a tandem bike. I was hoping we wouldn’t have skinned knees by the end of this trip! We go tandem kayaking often, so we know how to  work as a team. Lucky for us, I was given a tip that whoever is in the front seat of the bike has all control… so guess where he sat, in the front! I was just along for the ride, literally.
It took us no time to get our rhythm going on the bike. We head back through the historic streets of Sanford looking at all of the beautiful homes, wishing we lived there and casually looking for lots/homes for sale. We pedaled back through town and made one last stop at Celery City for a quick refreshing drink before we returned our bike. 
Once the bike was locked up at Pedal Driven Co. we had about an hour before we could check into our escape room so off to Deviant Wolfe Brewing for a yummy beverage! I had the pineapple cider and Mike chose the So Saison We All. We sat on the leather couches and chatted over delicious brews. It was a great way to get ready for the Escape Room! 
It was time to check into The Escape Artists. This was our first ever escape room and we were super excited! Our mission was to try and escape the Cat Burglar Room by solving a bunch of puzzles and guess what??? We failed! Hahaha! I don’t want to give away any secrets, but I will say that this perfect for a date night out or even a night out with a group of friends (parents night out anyone?!). We look forward to going back and trying to escape again! Net time I think we may bring a few friends for extra brain power! 
It was such a fun day spent #sanfording in our favorite town. We can’t wait to do it again in May when we spend a night in the Historic Firehouse AirBnB, dinner at the Jailhouse and drinks at Celery City. 
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