Wow, Alive After Five last night was really well visited. I guess many of who came out wanted to enjoy it one last time this year and, of course, the great temperatures made it the perfect night to be out with family and friends, strolling around historic downtown. As many of you may know, the next event isn’t until January 12, 2012 (that will be the famous Chili Cook-Off!).

We walked up and down First Street, had some drinks and stopped by Palette, then West End Trading on Sanford Ave. The atmosphere was great and we had fun 🙂

It seems as if there will be a holiday event this December to kind of “replace” Alive After Five for the month. I will try to find out what I can and then post it on the Sanford365 Facebook page so stay tuned!

Below are some pictures (sorry, blurry!) and above a quick video I took last night to give you an impression of the event…