Floating Bungalows in Central Florida

Central Florida House BoatsAs Realtors we hear people talking about downsizing quite often. In fact, more and more people are craving a much simpler lifestyle – tossing anything that isn’t absolutely necessary and focusing on life itself, rather than spending their hard earned dollars on maintaining and cleaning a larger home. Warren and Cynthia Billings’ version of downsizing however goes a lot further: they have constructed a just over 500 square feet… floating bungalow! And what better lake to dock their new dream home than Lake Monroe, right here in Sanford, FL.

Central Florida House Boats in Sanford FL

Central Florida House Boats in Sanford FLI had been following Floating Bungalows on Facebook for about half a year (which is about the time frame it took to build this perfectly unique home, or shall I say boat?) and finally visited them last weekend to take a little tour and chat with Warren about his and Cynthia’s amazing project.

Their big launch date is set for Saturday, November 22nd, at the Port of Sanford. The christening will be held at 2pm, followed by free tours of the lovely bungalow until 5pm. You will have another chance to tour the home on Sunday from 10am-5pm. Since the bungalow was already launched into the St. Johns River this afternoon (November 20) you will be able to get the full experience! Everybody is welcome, so stop by if you have time and see this beauty for yourself 😉 Cynthia and Warren are looking forward to showing you their work and answering all your questions.

Central Florida House Boats in Sanford FL

The bungalow will be on the docks closest to land for several weeks so you can stop by any time to take a look at the barge from the outside. After that she will be moved out to the end of the docks and you will have to make an appointment to see her (call 407-312-2721).

Central Florida House Boats in Sanford FLThe bungalow mimics the historic charme of Sanford’s Victorian beauties perfectly and I can’t wait to see more of these pretty little boats on Lake Monroe. Could it be that one day Sanford might turn into a small version of Seattle, which is currently home to hundreds of gorgeous house boats and barges? What if they could be turned into little bed an breakfast bungalows at the marina, or little speciality restaurants? #mydreamforsanford

As I was walking through the bungalow I could immediately see that this home was built with the highest standards. The gorgeous hardwood floors, granite counters and top of the line stainless steel appliances give the home a luxurious feel. I loved the attention to detail! BBQ party at your boat? Use the convenient mini grill that is attached to the back porch!


Great views will always be guaranteed with lots of windows throughout. Naturally, that tops views of a regular lake front home every day. Relaxing on your porch will have a whole new meaning as you watch the sun rise and set over the water.

Inside Central Florida House Boats in Sanford FL

floating-bungalow-bedroomThe upstairs loft is the home’s retreat and even offers a walk in closet. Look through a beautiful stained glass window every morning as the sunlight slowly enters (unless you are sitting on your porch to enjoy the priceless sunrise over the lake that is). Of course there is also a full bath, and I promise it’s bigger than what you might expect. Did I mention that the Billings even thought about a little laundry room off the back porch. Compact and complete, this place will quite literally float your boat!

With Floating Bungalows a new lifestyle has been introduced to Sanford and Central Florida, one that will certainly be embraced by just the right audience, and I am a tad bit jealous that this type of carefree living won’t be ours for many years to come.


This floating bungalow could be yours soon! It is actually for sale at $225,000 (fully furnished!) and comes with a brand new 14′ pontoon boat tied to your front porch. Floating Bungalows plans the production of about 4-6 barges every year.

Now, I am sure you have plenty of questions. Please visit the FAQ page of Floating Bungalows and browse through the page to find out more about the building process and the people behind Floating Bungalows.

Floating Bungalows
PO Box 470196
Lake Monroe, Florida
(407) 312-2721
Web Site: FloatingBungalows.com

Below are some more pictures I snapped when I visited Floating Bungalows before completion and some pictures provided by Floating Bungalows to Sanford365 (some of them of the actual launch into the St. John’s River at the Port of Sanford!).


SONY DSC launching-bungalow-2launching-bungalow-3launching-bungalow-4 SONY DSC launching-bungalow-5SONY DSC launching-bungalow-6



UPDATE, 11/22/14:
Pictures of the christening today submitted by Sanford365 Fans Megan Rogers and Stacie Pojero…