IMG_6456Claudia and I were lucky enough to snag two of the coveted tickets to a rare Sanford event: the Summer Wine Dinner at the Imperial. The minds behind our favorite craft-cocktail-bar-inside-an-exotic-imports-furniture-store teamed up with Creations Catering to bring Sanford a five course food and wine pairing. Creations served the meal to some of Sanford’s liveliest downtowners (including the Busters, Derrick and Kelly Daniels, and wonderful photographer Ameer Robinson with Heather Owens) while they lounged on gorgeous wood pieces hailing from India, Indonesia, and Thailand. Claudia and I were really taken with how beautiful the furniture looked with full table settings, and our infatuation only grew as the courses went on, of course!

We were treated to a first course of cheese, including brie encased in puff pastry, as we sipped a little bubbly. Succulent roasted peaches topped the peppery arugula, bacon, and feta in the salad course, paired with a dry rose. The crisp, slightly tart Savoie of the next course paired beautifully with the savory pork tenderloin and bright tropical fruit chutney. A homey, comforting coq au vin was served with the only red of the meal, offering a nice contrast to the lighter, brighter flavors of the evening. The dessert, a delicious sabayon cream topped with berries and mint, paired exquisitely with the tawny port to end the meal.

Wining and dining at the Imperial was a delight, and we were very grateful for the opportunity to attend! We will be dreaming of the Imperial’s next pop-up food night (please!) and of all the many many dining room tables we would love to have from Washburn Imports!

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