Sanford365 has always kept you connected when it comes to what’s happening culturally, socially and educationally around town. Now we’re partnering with to keep you informed about what’s really going on in Sanford when it comes to news, business and government, with a little history thrown in on the side.

Here are 5 things you need to know:

1. Sanford Airport Update

You can currently fly to 61 US cities. That number may increase very soon!

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2. Why is the Central Florida Zoo in Sanford?

Hint: it started with a monkey at the Sanford elks lodge.

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3. Laser Shows

A high-tech firm in Sanford is expanding and will add new jobs.

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4. What’s that weird building by the lake?

The urban legend about Sanford’s round building continues, but you’ll be very excited to hear what its future holds!

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5. Tax Increase

Find out how much your property taxes may increase in Sanford.

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