Please Note: Bitters & Brass has since closed their doors, but we loved getting to know them and still feel they deserve a little spotlight for coming to Sanford.

When I learned that every month Julian and Arthur at Bitters & Brass host a cocktail class themed with a different spirit, I knew I had to do it, not only because my bartending skills really only extend to pouring myself a glass of wine, but because I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to learn from two masters on how to make the perfect cocktail (or 3).


Bitters & Brass started hosting these classes when they first opened in 2017. The classes have a max of 12 people and are held before the bar opens, one Saturday a month. While their Gin and Whiskey classes are the most popular and held twice a year, this month we focused on rum.


The bartenders picked 3 amazing cocktails that we were going to learn to make. We each got our own personal cocktail station, which included all the ingredients and tools we needed. After giving us some fun facts and the history of rum, as well as what each tool does and how to use them, we started.

The first drink was the Air Mail. One of my favorite drinks is a French 75, so when Arthur explained that this was  essentially the same thing but with rum, I was hooked immediately.  Made with Angostura bitters, honey, lime juice, dark rum and Cava, Bacardi invented this drink in the 1930s to celebrate the addition of air transit as a means of delivering mail. While drinking one of these is probably not a great idea every time you get mail, I do highly recommend it as a means for celebration. And if getting mail is celebratory, then cheers.


Second, we made a cocktail called the Arawak. Made with Angostura bitters, PX Sherry and Jamaican Rum, this recipe was offered up by Trader Vic in his 1945 bartending manual. Did you know that he would not even tell his own bartenders the recipes to his drinks? He would label the ingredients “A, B, C” or “1, 2, 3” to keep it a secret. Love me some fun facts! Thanks, Arthur!


Lastly, we made the Rumble. This cocktail is a spin on the British favorite “Bramble” which is made with gin. This drink included black berries, simple syrup, lemon juice and white rum and not only was it photogenic, but refreshing and delicious.

This class was a Sanford bucket list item for James and me and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good laugh, a good time and a good drink.


Bitters & Brass Upcoming Cocktail Classes:

Split Base Cocktails

October 12 3:30-5pm

Brandy Cocktails

November 9 3:30-5pm

$50 per person, gratuity included.

410 Sanford Ave. Sanford, FL 32771

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