Kentucky Derby Hat Contest

Think you have what it takes to win Sanford365’s Fabulous Kentucky Derby Hat Contest? Show us at our Kentucky Derby party on May 2nd! We will be looking for the chicest, most outrageous Derby Day hat in Sanford…could it be yours?

The winner will enjoy a lovely gift basket with goodies from local merchants Boxelder and Wondermade, and of course, bragging rights as the Derby Hat Queen of Sanford.

(And fellas, we didn’t forget about you…gentlemen are invited to participate in the Dapper Gentleman’s Ensemble Contest for some equally awesome prizes!)

Learn all about our Kentucky Derby Party

SONY DSCDon’t have a hat yet? It’s not too late! You can find your Derby hat at Kathleen’s Klozet, our official Kentucky Derby hat sponsor! Kathleen has a bevy of gorgeous vintage clothing, including the most delectable hats, gloves, and other accessories that will add the perfect touch to your Derby Day ensemble. Even if you want to get super wacky with your hat, Kathleen can help you find the right base to dress up with fringe, feathers, flowers, or whatever your heart desires. Get in touch with Kathleen via her Facebook or email for exclusive access to her collection of hats and accessories!

Kathleen's Klozet Hats

Kathleen is one of my favorite Downtown vendors, but is being forced to move because of many issues in the historic building where her business was housed. This is a situation near and dear to my heart, because Kathleen used to be my downstairs neighbor when I lived in the same building, and the same issues she is facing spurred me to move as well. We are hoping she finds another location here in Downtown very soon, but in the meantime, Kathleen is happy to offer her excellent vintage finds right out of her home, so #SupportLocal and contact her for an appointment any time you need vintage anything!

If you would like to help Kathleen’s Klozet find a new home and re-open her retail shop (and awesome tea room!), consider her Go Fund Me.

SONY DSCContest Rules

Every lady and gentleman who buys a ticket to Kentucky Derby Sanford Style is entitled to entry in the contest, either in the Ladies Hat or Dapper Gentleman category. One winner will be chosen for each category. The winner must be present to receive their prize.

Each guest may only wear one hat or ensemble during the course of the contest (no surprise changing!). No hat or ensemble may incorporate any elements or parts that can poke, stab, slice, burn, or otherwise endanger any other guest. Each guest is responsible for his or her own ensemble and/or hat and accessories.