click. clack. click. clack. The sounds of my heels as they hit the brick. The playground is quiet. The sun shines brightly behind an old oak. A local passes by on his  evening bike ride. A couple walks by with their dogs, arms full of dinner from one of the many local restaurants now offering takeout. Signs are posted on the front doors and windows of local businesses announcing their closure until further notice. Things are quieter than normal around Sanford, around the world. But if you look closely, if you really listen you’ll hear the buzz of the community and the way people are coming together to encourage one another as locals support local.

© Benevolence Photography

We are sharing with you little moments of joy as we have seen many in the way our community has come together to support each other and our local businesses. We would love to see how you are supporting our local Sanford businesses during this time of social distancing. Please share your photos on instagram using the hashtags #Sanford365 and #PickUpSanford, send us a message on Facebook or simply fill out our contact form HERE.

© Benevolence Photography

© Benevolence Photography

Let’s join Orlando and #PickUpLocal – Let’s #PickUpSanford

As the convener and catalyst for the business community, the Orlando Economic Partnership, along with the Orlando Regional Chamber and Orlando Tech Council, is working to align the region with one voice when it comes to supporting local businesses. That’s why they started the #PickUpOrlando social media campaign encouraging community members to tell everyone how they “pick up” their community and support local business during this crisis.

We think this is a great idea and decided to join this campaign using #PickUpSanford on our posts to spread the positive message. Just as the Orlando Economic Partnership, we want to simply encourage everyone to creatively support and patronize our small business community during these challenging times – and we know that Sanfordites already are real experts at that!

Here’s what the challenge includes:

  • Tell us how you “pick up” Sanford!
  • Post a photo of yourself supporting a local business and tag? 3 friends to do the same.??
  • Use the verbiage “I support (name of business or organization) and use hashtag #PickUpSanford. Please also use #PickUpOrlando to reach an even larger audience and spread the Sanford Love!

Here’s how WE pick up Sanford! 

With a combined following of over 22,000 locals (Facebook, Instagram and our weekly newsletter), we see it not only as our responsibility but also as our never ending mission to support our local businesses – in good times and in bad times! Since Day 1, Sanford365 has been here for the sole purpose of spreading the love we have for Sanford and its amazing community and inspiring everyone around us to do the same!