Okay, I’m all about inner beauty, but we all know that when you have a big date coming up, you want to look great. With February 14th looming, I thought I’d ask Julia, owner of Antidote Apothecary and Spa, what we can all do to extenuate our natural beauty. Here are her expert tips on looking your absolute best to this your best Valentine’s Day in Sanford yet!

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Antidote Apothecary and Spa is an absolutely gorgeous Victorian-inspired full service spa on First Street in Downtown Sanford, offering skincare, massage, salt therapy, and much more. Julia’s company philosophy is a natural approach, and all of her products are chemical-free and cruelty-free. The spa has recently relocated to First Street after finding a kindred spirit in the Rosie Lee Co., a new Sanford shop featuring tea and trinkets with a delightful British themed motif. If you drink afternoon tea, watch Downton Abbey, or admire Queen Elizabeth II, you will adore a visit to these two sister companies, located in one convenient storefront at 111 East 1st Street!

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Natural Beauty Tips for Valentine’s Day in Sanford

Exfoliate + Soften Up

Florida’s on-again-off-again relationship with cold weather might be leaving your skin looking a little dull. Julia says exfoliation and moisturizing is absolutely key to getting your glow back. “Try dry brushing the body before getting in the tub, always starting from the bottom of the feet and work in a direction towards the heart,” she explained. Dry brushing removes dead skin cells and helps your circulation. 

After bathing or showering, gently massage a layer of lotion all over your body to lock in moisture. This has the added effect of leaving the skin gently scented, which is nice when you’re in close quarters, if yaknowwhatImean.

Julia also recommends applying lotion or cream to your hands and feet, then slipping on softening gloves and socks overnight, resulting in silky smooth fingers and toes. Add that to your February 13th to-do list!

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Face it– You’re gorgeous!

Your relationship with your face is definitely long term– so be good to it! Julia believes that maintaining your natural complexion is key to feeling your best.

Remember that your makeup can only look as good as your skin does underneath,” she said. “It is your body’s largest organ and you have to wear the same one every day so be sure to invest in it. “

She recommends treating yourself to a facial on at least a quarterly basis, so that your skin can be pampered, repaired, and protected throughout the different seasons as its needs change.

On a daily basis, sun protection, cleansing, and moisturization are key. As per Julia: “Protect the skin from environmental elements by wearing sunblock or a foundation with a sunblock built in – SPF 20 is fine for daily wear. The first ingredient in your sunblock should always be zinc oxide and not a name that you can’t pronounce. If it has a name you can’t pronounce it then put it back on the shelf.”

At the end of the day, break up with all of the pollution and sweat your skin is exposed to throughout the day by washing your face with a gentle cleanser. Julia also recommends exfoliating your face twice a week either with a clarifying cleanser designed for this purpose, or by gently washing with a washcloth.

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Kiss and Makeup

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Go bold! Julia’s top picks for a polished Valentine’s look are clear skin, properly maintained brows, and a red lip.

Scared of wearing a red pout? Julia insists that every woman can wear it– it’s just a matter of finding the right shade. She recommends a cruelty-free brand of makeup that does not test on animals, such as Antonym Cosmetics, which she carries at the spa.

In any case, always be sure to wash off your makeup before going to sleep– no matter what sort of romantic hi-jinks ensue after dinner!

Listen to the expert: “Never, ever sleep with your makeup or sunblock on. Always use a makeup remover or cold cream before you cleanse to make sure all makeup and debris is off of the skin.”

And don’t forget, not all cleansers are meant to remove makeup, so make sure you check your products.

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Spend a Relaxing Valentine’s Day in Sanford

Antidote Apothecary Logo - Specials for Valentine's Day in SanfordJulia’s expertise goes far beyond these wonderful natural beauty tips, and we genuinely encourage any of our followers to treat themselves to an experience at Antidote Apothecary this Valentine’s day. Julia and her staff of professionals have prepared a delicious slate of Valentine’s specials for the month of February, and we are dying to try them all! All of the specials include tea and something sweet, and can be purchased as a gift for your love or for yourself!

Antidote Apothecary February Specials

$100 Each – Please Contact Antidote Apothecary for additional details and booking. – (407) 461-5635

Victorian Footbath for Two: Soak your feet in a specially prepared bath designed to relax and soothe while you sip tea and hold hands with your sweetheart.

Massage à Trois: A little taste of everything, for the adventurer; 30 minutes each of massage, facial, and tarot reading.

The Royal Treatment: a indulgent experience fit for a queen or king; 1 hour luxury facial combined with 1 hour of relaxation massage.Book a Victorian Footbath for Valentine's Day in Sanford