Sofas and Suds Sanford FL

As I have said many times before: Sofas and Suds is one of Sanford’s most creative and fun events – and yesterday was once more proof for that! Great weather, an awesome crowd, brave sofa racing teams and tons of fun as everyone was cheering on their favorite team.


This time, the race took place on the newly re-opened Sanford Avenue (as opposed to 2nd Street) and it proved to be the perfect spot. Also different this this time: the sofa teams were not racing side by side in order to make things a bit safer. Last year teams were sometimes crashing into each other when trying to make their turns at the end of the track. So essentially, the race track was doubled this year 🙂

Video of Buster’s Bistro racing their couch down Sanford Avenue at Sofas and Suds

This was the tied race that required a re-match between Buster’s Bistro and Allstate Insurance…

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Bottom line: This year it was all about speed – and the speediest sofa won! Congratulations to team Love Your Shorts Film Festival!

Sofas and Suds Sanford FL

Video of our new Sofas and Suds champions celebrating…

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Second place went to All State Insurance. Reigning champion Buster’s Bistro came in 3rd/4th after a re-match with All State Insurance.

The Imperial at Washburn Imports won the prize for most stylish couch (and team members).

Here’s the video of the Big Sofas and Suds Finale

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A huge THANK YOU to Mike Smith of the Imperial for creating and organizing this fabulous event that will only grow bigger in the next years!

See you all in April 2015 at the next Sofas and Suds race. I may or may not be in the race myself next time, so look for the Sanford365 couch…

Here are dozens of pictures I took yesterday as well as pictures submitted by Sanford365 App users. Ameer Robinson of AR Photography also graciously let me borrow some of his fantastic shots of Sofas & Suds.

sofas-and-suds-sanford-73 sofas-and-suds-sanford-57 sofas-and-suds-sanford-58 sofas-and-suds-sanford-52 sofas-and-suds-sanford-51 sofas-and-suds-sanford-46 sofas-and-suds-sanford-43 sofas-and-suds-sanford-38 sofas-and-suds-sanford-35 sofas-and-suds-sanford-28 sofas-and-suds-sanford-31 sofas-and-suds-sanford-33 sofas-and-suds-sanford-26 sofas-and-suds-sanford-22 sofas-and-suds-sanford-16 sofas-and-suds-sanford-17 sofas-and-suds-sanford-14 sofas-and-suds-sanford-13 sofas-and-suds-sanford-12 Sheena Fort 2 Sheena Fort 1 das-sofa-racing racers-sanford-fl sofas-and-suds-sanford-3 sofas-and-suds-sanford-2 sofas-and-suds-sanford-4 sofas-and-suds-sanford-5 sofas-and-suds-sanford-1 sofas-and-suds-sanford-6 sofas-and-suds-sanford-27