You all know my great love for Sanford, so attending an event entitled “Love Sanford Luncheon” seemed natural! I met Sandordite Jo Rivera a little over a week before the event, which celebrated the Dream Center and the Infuse Project, two organizations seeking to inspire and empower Sanford’s youth. I’m so glad we met and that I was able to attend an event full of other people who adore our town.


While we munched on Chef Michael’s tasty chicken, stuffing, and veggies, Jo, City Manager Norton Bonaparte, Mayor Jeff Triplett, Paul Benjamin, and Dr. John Murphy expressed their excitement and joy about the growing positivity within the Sanford community.


At the end of the event, they introduced the Love Sanford Bus, a vehicle designed for outreach, helping the Love Sanford organization to reach more young people in the inner city.

It’s amazing to sit in a room full of folks who care about our community, and I can’t wait to see the difference they will make!

Click here to learn more about the Love Sanford Project.

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