Sanford FL Tweed Ride

Sanford FL Tweed RideJust when you think Sanford cannot get any more hip or quaint there’s yet another event that showcases Sanford’s ever growing awesomeness and, even more importantly, the people who are turning Sanford into a strong community of friends and familiar faces!

The Inaugural H.S.S. Tweed Ride (the initials H.S.S. honor Sanford’s founder, Henry Shelton Sanford) took place today (Nov. 29) and as expected Sanford’s historic downtown and tree lined streets were the perfect backdrop for a quirky event like this.

Sanford FL Tweed Ride

Many big cities in the world are hosting tweed rides. Essentially, those bike mob like events are based on the original Tweed Run in London.

The Tweed Run is a group bicycle ride through the centre of London, in which the cyclists are expected to dress in traditional British cycling attire, particularly tweed plus four suits. Any bicycle is acceptable on the Tweed Run, but classic vintage bicycles are encouraged. Some effort to recreate the spirit of a bygone era is always appreciated. The ride dubs itself “A Metropolitan Cycle Ride With a Bit of Style.”

Crepes at Busters Bistro Sanford FLIt was a gorgeous day and so much fun – not only the ride but also the outfit preparation phase!  We ended this fun 4 mile bike tour through Downtown Sanford at Buster’s Bistro where Paulii and his crew had prepared hot tea and crepes, followed by delicious crispy Belgian waffles.

Please note: the event was intentionally kept small because it was the first one of its kind in Sanford. From now on it will only grow bigger, and who knows, in the future, Sanford may not only be known for being awesome at sofa racing but also at tweed riding (not to confuse with tweet riding – don’t text and ride, kids!)

Hopefully these pictures will inspire you to join us at next year’s Tweed Ride. I personally can’t wait to do it again! Sanford is a very bikeable little town, full of amazing and friendly people (aka Sanfordites)…

Thank you to AR Photography for letting me borrow some of their pictures of the event!

Sanford FL Tweed Ride Group Photo

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