Hey all you makers! Ya, you working from your spare bedroom or garage (maybe even parents’ garage, we don’t judge). You bring us one of a kind hand crafted beautiful pieces of not just art, but pieces of yourself. You work endless hours and are passionate about the things you make, you are our Sanford Makers!

If you are a Sanford Maker, please reach out to us and share what it is you are passionate about making, creating or selling and what makes you a Sanford Maker!

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Meet our Sanford Makers…

Thistle & Grain – Husband and wife team specializing in one-of-a-kind fine woodworks and textiles.

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Whisker Works – a family business operating in sunny Sanford, Florida, started a decade ago as a whimsical plastic mustache factory. As the tastes of its customers evolved, so has Whisker Works, to include a variety of photography props and photogenic Florida-themed wall art, jewelry and souvenirs.

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Park and Seventh – Park and Seventh Woodwork is a woodworking business located in the historic district of Sanford, FL that specializes in designing and building custom farmhouse tables, rustic furniture and transforming entire spaces with reclaimed wood.

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