Flamenco del Sol

Flamenco del Sol

web-6Dressed in her traditional Flamenco attire, owner of Flamenco del Sol, Tammy, greets me with a kiss on the cheek and smile on her face. As I step into the building I could already hear the rhythmic stomping of the flamenco dancers’ feet. Practice began at 10am and as the rest of the girls roll in, Tammy leads the group and before you know it, all the ladies are in sync and I’m mesmerized by how quickly they move their feet, how beautiful their hand movements are and how easy it is to see that they feel the music with every ounce of their bodies.web-3

I’ve seen these woman perform on stage and I’ve seen how hard they practice on their own time, now it’s your turn to come out and watch Flamenco del Sol do what they do best. And you can do just that on Friday, October 14th and/or Saturday, October 15th, 2016 at 8pm as Flamenco del Sol has yet another FANTASTIC show in store for all of us, Corazon Flamenco. And to add just a little bit more excitement, because as if seeing a group of beautiful and talented women perform on stage isn’t enough, they will be joined by international flamenco dancer, producer and choreographer ANGEL ROJAS (whoa that’s a mouth full of talent right there!) along with musical talents Paco Fanta (guitarist and cantaor), Damir Fuentes (Cuban cajonista) and Don Soledad (Orlando’s Contemporary flamenco guitarist and composer).


web-4Okay, so if you’re not a Flamenco fanatic you might not know just how amazing Angel is and how absolutely incredible it is that he has chosen us, Sanford and our famous little Wayne Densch Theatre stage to perform on. So, let me give you a little juicy news so you can get as excited about this as we are. Angel is an international pop star in the dance world, he’s considered one of the most popular flamenco dancers of the younger generation, performs all over the world and is coming to us all the way web-7from Spain. This performance, however, is what Angel and Tammy hope to be the first of several performances that will take place at Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center for they have teamed up and now call each other partners.

Win VIP Tickets

Are you excited now? Good, because we have 4 tickets to give away and they aren’t just any seats…VIP, ladies and gentleman. That’s right VIP! We are beyond excited for this performance and want to take a moment and thank Flamenco del Sol and Angel for bringing this beautiful performance to Sanford and for being so generous. Please take a moment to enter for your chance to win tickets to see Corazon Flamenco or purchase your tickets by clicking here. Tickets start at $39.95. We hope that you enjoy this magnificent experience and will join us for the next one as well!

To win a set of 2 VIP ticket (a $100 value!) please simply write a comment below telling us who you are planning on taking to see this amazing show and if you prefer to go Friday, 10/14 or Saturday 10/15!

The drawing will be held on Wednesday 10/12/16 at 10am and the winners will be notified immediately after that. The winners’ names will be announced in our weekly newsletter and also published here and on Facebook. 

UPDATE: The drawing was held on 10/12/16 at 10am and the winners are: Alexandra Gleason and Jessica Aznar! Congratulations!! We are sure you will LOVE the show! You both have been contacted by email so please respond to our email at your earliest convenience 😉


Flamenco del Sol’s dance studio is located in Sanford at 2698 S. Orlando Drive. They can be reached at (407) 415-5040 or online at www.FlamencoDelSol.com

About The Author

Jessica Mccarty-Carvajal

Jessica here! A local Sanfordite myself, I enjoy exploring this beautiful earth, meeting new people, spending quality time with those my heart loves and living each day to the fullest. I am a local photographer and love capturing the beautiful faces of Central Florida, be sure to check out my most recent work at www.BenevolencePhoto.com. See you around!


  1. Andrew Albach

    My beautiful wife while we are in town!

    Either night will fit nicely in our #Sanfording

  2. Marisol Sandoval

    I will take my husband, we went to Spain a year ago and got in love with flamenco.
    Saturday will be great!

  3. Maria

    I would take my daughter whio used to dance with Rlamenco del Sol and loved it!! We used ro dance in Venezuela too. We absolutely love flamenco!! We would go on Saturday 10/15/16.

  4. Anita Sanchez-Pierce

    Id love to win 4 tickets!
    I purchased 4 tickets for Saturday night, last month when I found out Flamenco Del Sol would be performing again. I invited my friend Don, as well as my step daughters, Theresa and Laurie.
    If I won 4 tickets I would bring 4 more friends and there would be 8 of us attending!

  5. Mariano

    I will be inviting family from Spain. It has been a while since they have been back to their native land so this would be a very pleasant surprise for them. I would like to go on Saturday 15th.

    Thank you,


  6. Jessica Aznar

    I will take my daughter, my mother and a friend to show the the beauty and passion of flamenco

  7. Milagros

    I used to teach and dance flamenco and that’s how i met my husband. He ask me to marry him at the end of a flamenco show and in our wedding we dance sevillanas and he had never danced flamenco before. is going to be our 11th aniversary and it would be nice for us to celebrate our love by watching flamenco because we love it!!

  8. Mercedes Sommerhage

    I am planning on taking my husband to see this amazing show and I prefer to go on Saturday 10/15!

  9. Karen Dudczak

    I would love to go on friday night 10/14. I would take my little girl as she loves to dance and we are locals to sanford;)

  10. Deanna

    My best friend from college will be in town from Connecticut and we’d love to attend the on Saturday!

  11. Stephanie Fyock

    I will take my close friend. She just became a mom and could use a night out and she is also a professional dancer with a love for any and everything dance. We would go either night!

  12. Katherine

    I will take my husband and my two kids. My mom was from Spain and I grew up listening to flamenco songs and videos. I would love for my kids to experience this too!

  13. Alexandra Gleason

    Hello! My name is Alexandra Gleason. I would prefer to come Friday 10/14. I always love all of flamenco del sol’s shows!

  14. Nardja Segui

    I would take my sister… this would be absolutely wonderful to go see this show!!! I could go Friday or Saturday,

  15. Nathalie Quintero

    I would love to take to this amazing show a friend of mine who is a guitar player and was mesmerized with a recent flamenco show at the Bamboo Arts Center in Winter Park, where Don Soledad and Tammy both performed. He enjoyed it so much, and I believe he will be delighted to see this awesome show and the wonderful crew that is performing. It would be wonderful to attend on Friday, Oct 14th and share this wonderful surprise with him! Looking forward to see the impressive Angel Rojas and the bailaoras from Flamenco Del Sol performed at Corazon Flamenco!!

  16. Nathalie Quintero

    I would love to take to this amazing show a friend of mine who is a guitar player and was mesmerized with a recent flamenco show at Bamboo Arts Center in Winter Park, where Don Soledad and Tammy both performed. He enjoyed it so much, and I believe he will be delighted to see this awesome show and the wonderful crew that is performing. It would be wonderful to attend on Friday, Oct 14th and share this wonderful surprise with him! Looking forward to see the impressive Angel Rojas and the bailaoras from Flamenco del Sol performed at Corazon Flamenco!

  17. Adela Benitez Baez

    I would like to go on Friday 10/14! My husband too. My name is Adela and I practicing this art for many years in Paraguay and Brazil. It will be fascinating to go in this show!!!

  18. Younes

    I would love to go either night and take my wife for a night out

  19. Jolanta

    Would love to go on friday night and take my eldest daughter for a night out after this hurricane we can all use a little excitement thats positive we are locals to Sanford

  20. Dayana E.

    I will be bringing my fiancé as a celebration of sorts because one of our first dates was to go see Flamenco del Sol perform and we had seats tword the back of the theater. We agreed we’d some day be back with VIP seats! Winning tickets for the show on Friday, Oct. 14th would just add more magic to our celebration. ?

  21. Elizabeth Rodriguez

    I’d take my husband on Saturday as a belated birthday surprise. He’d be so shocked!

  22. Leonor

    I will like to take my family from south america. They love the passion of flamenco and it will be a great opportunity that they will enjoy! ?

  23. Jennifer Q.

    I would take my wonderful husband. This would make for a really great fall date night.

  24. Jessica Santiago

    My name is Jessica and I would take my mom! She does so much for me and I know she would love this performance! Either night works for me!! I LOVE Flamenco Del Sol!!!

  25. Tom

    I will be taking my husband to the Friday 10/14 with the tickets I win!

  26. Chris L

    I am looking forward to alive after five this coming Thursday due to the storm I haven’t been able to use my gift certificate at the Willow but I am looking forward to it

  27. Hatice Iaconangelo

    I will be bringing my husband. We’d love to see your show on Saturday.

  28. Rachel

    I would like to bring my daughter who has been traveling abroad to learn different dance styles.

  29. Jennifer burt

    I would love to take my husband and my parents to the show. We would be grateful to go to either show. We live in dt sanford.

  30. Judy Gresham

    I would take my husband. He has been to Spain and loved it. I would like to go on Friday night.

  31. Alejandra Sanchez

    I’d love to go with my friend. We just love watching and learning about other cultures!!

  32. Michael Williams

    I want to take my friend she really wants to see this show… it would be an amazing surprise for her to be able to go. She absolutely loves these kinds of things! Would prefer Friday night.

  33. Carol Alves

    I will take my BFF, Shirley, who is always there for me.

  34. Carol M

    Ole!! It is so exciting to learn about Sanford’s Flamenco Scene!! I would like to bring a teacher friend who has never seen the dance performed live! Saturday would be wonderful! Thank you for this chance to win tickets.

  35. Christina

    I would take my husband. It has been a few years since we have seen our last Flamenco show in Spain so it would be a great surprise for him:)

  36. Erica

    I would LOOOOVE to see this show, I would bring one of my closest friends, Karen. She and I met each other dancing and this would be so perfect! Thanks for the chance either night would work well.

  37. Kristin Andrews

    I’ll be going with a friend and we would like to go Friday! 🙂

  38. Alejandra Pagan

    I would take 3 of my closest friends as they understand the passion i have for dance. Wouldn’t want to miss it! Saturday works best for us. 🙂

  39. Marie Gonzalez

    My fiancé for our 6th anniversary that is this Saturday. ??????

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