Win VIP Tickets to Hollerbach’s 15 Year Anniversary Bash

Win VIP Tickets to Hollerbach’s 15 Year Anniversary Bash

(For a chance to win a set of VIP tickets or a $50 gift card please submit a comment at the bottom of this post!)

Guess who’s turning 15 next month? I bet most of you have already heard it, but it’s Sanford’s most famous restaurant, Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe!! And I am sure you all know that Hollerbach’s knows how to throw a party! Well, exactly that is happening on Monday, August 1st, which marks the exact day Hollerbach opened its doors 15 years ago! Come join the Hollerbach family, Theo, Linda and Christina as they celebrate this special event! Click here to read an amazing article written by Christina about what 15 Years of Willow Tree mean to her.

The event if free to attend for everyone and will include celebratory activities throughout all 3 Hollerbach businesses (Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe, Magnolia Square Market and Hollerbach’s Art Haus), Magnolia Square, and even the Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center, where you will witness the world premiere of the hometown documentary, “Gemutlichkeit: Made in America”. (see teaser video below!)

Round out the day with a beer tasting at Magnolia Square Market, a wine tasting at Hollerbach’s Art Haus, music, photo ops, and schnitzel corn hole, and that’s what we call Hollerblocking!

hollerbach 15 years

Prost to 15 years of Gemutlichkeit!!

For all guests who are truly dedicated to Gemutlichkeit, you can become a VIP Guest and you will also get to enjoy unlimited food and drink in Magnolia Square, including German beer and schnapps; preferred seating at the film screening, and a Hollerbach Swag Bag, filled with commemorative goodies like shirts, pins, and mugs.

WHEN: Monday, August 1, 2016 from 6PM to 9PM
WHERE: Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe – 205 East 1st Street, Sanford, FL 32771

Theo Hollerbach Sanford FLWin 2 VIP Tickets ($100 value!) to the big event on August 1, 2016

Are you ready for an unforgettable evening in Sanford? You and your guest will be able to enjoy unlimited food and drink at the 15 Year Anniversary event in Magnolia Square and much more! All you have to do is comment below why you think the Willow Tree is WUNDERBAR.

I am sure you have a lot of good reasons, let’s hear it from you 😉

PS: Second Prize is a $50 gift card to Hollerbach’s.

Winners will be notified by email and announced on July 27th so please comment by 11:59pm on July 26th. Winners must respond within 24 hours or a new drawing will be held!

And the winners are…

Brandon Otis – Congratulations, you won the 2 VIP tickets!

Patrick – Congratulations, you won the $50 gift card!

My take on this?

Das Boot at Willow Tree Cafe

Das Boot at Hollerbach’s

To think of Sanford without Hollerbach’s is virtually impossible, I am sure you would agree! I am personally so grateful for all the wonderful hours spent at Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe. Ever since I first moved to Sanford from Germany over 10 years ago I have been visiting my favorite place downtown, the place that truly brings me closer to my home country.

When I hear Jimmy and Eckard play I always get a bit nostalgic, but in a good and happy way that lets my heart beat faster. Eating German fare also always lifts my spirits, hence I don’t only eat lunch or dinner at Hollerbach’s but also buy German (food) products at Magnolia Square Market. With an annual Oktoberfest, Nikolaustag, Fasching and numerous World Cup games and Euro Cup games watched on the big screen at Hollerbach’s, what else can a German girl in the US ask for? Those are all things that keep me in touch with my German culture, and those are things my kids get to experience as well and I am forever grateful for that!

I am so lucky and happy to have the best German restaurant on this side of the globe right here in my backyard! So thank you for that! Thank you for being such a big part of the reason why I call Sanford my new home. The Willow Tree is WUNDERBAR 🙂

hollerbach event schedule

About The Author


Hi, my name is Claudia! I live, work and play in Sanford, FL. To top it all off, I am also totally in love with Sanford! My husband Jose and I are Realtors in Sanford, FL and help people realize their dreams of home ownership. We have two sons, Nicolas (2011) and Lukas (2013). I am originally from Germany, moved here in 2004. In 2008 I started I love everything that says creativity. Design is my passion, no matter if Graphic, Web or Fashion Design - and I am also into photography :) I'm also very social and love to hang out with my family and friends, be it for a kids play date or a fun night out ;)


  1. Lea Ann Bird

    We love Willow Tree! Excellent service, delicious food and great music. Theo makes you feel like your a guest in his home!


    I have only been a cup me of times, but I had such a great time on both occassions, unfortunately, they didn’t have live music durung either of my visits. I would live to go back during the big celebration and get the full experience 🙂

  3. Eric zimmer

    I was introduced to this little slice of Valhalla only a year ago… But I make the drive every game with the eager excitement of a child going to a theme park. The food is delicious but the atmosphere is devine!

  4. Laura Amento

    I love Hollerbachs!!! Wunderbar! Post!?

  5. Laura Amento

    I love Hollerbachs!!! Wunderbar! Post!?

  6. Maria Ford

    We love Hollerbachs! My Mom is German and it’s the only local place we can find real German food, bread and wurst.

  7. Michael H

    My wife and I love Hollerbach’s truly authentic German cuisine. The menu, service and atmosphere remind us of our times in Germany.

  8. Patrick

    We love the restaurant, Jimmy and Eckard, and the atmosphere. Congrats on the anniversary! Here is to many, many more. ?

  9. Adam

    We love Hollerbach! They are definitely a staple of central florida. We will be sure to check out the 15th Anniversary!

  10. Katrina Van Dyke

    Sounds amazing! I’ll probably be there whether I win or not. Love Willow Tree!!!

  11. Jeff Swanson

    Great place. Fun times.

  12. HeidI Miller

    Love the Willow Tree Cafe! It’s wonderful to be able to go to a place that makes you feel like you’re at home…
    Thank you, Hollerbach Family! For everything!

  13. Jon Hanson

    My favorite restaurant in the world. Love Willowtree and Sanford. Please hook me up with tickets !!

  14. Scott gelchie

    We are regulars we were there for my wives .birthday party! Jimmy and eckard knows us very well! My wife played the spoons with eckard. My daughter Samantha is 7 years old theo made her day by making her own cake in the kitchen . We love being there and relaxing and having fun with friends and family when they come to visit from New York ! I could send you picks ! Great food and service every time !!

  15. Christa Stallard

    This is a Place like home such great Gemütlichkeit! I have not been so German in Germany as I have been in the Willow Tree! Only one word ..Fantastic!

  16. Alex

    Best German food in Orlando!

  17. Lynn Cullum

    Hollerbach’s Willow Tree is the cornerstone of downtown Sanford business. It started as a small restaurant which gained phenomenal popularity very quickly, due to the delicious menu offerings and stellar service. Our family has watched the Hollerbach family expand the Willow Tree and add other businesses. Theo and his wife have been instrumental in the improvements that have resulted in our historic town’s becoming a shopping and entertainment destination. We have enjoyed many a lunch and dinner in the consistently excellent Wunderbar Willow Tree!

  18. Barbara

    My son and his family enjoy going to Hollerbach’s not only because the food is great but also the entertainment. He made me join them a few months ago. I had so much fun listening to the music but most of all watching People join in and enjoy one another’s company. It was the first time I had gotten out since the loss of my husband Hollerbach’s is such a warm and inviting place. Can’t wait to go back again ??

    • Jennifer Lewis

      Absolutely my favorite, fun, inviting – feels like family getaway. Can’t love this place enough.

  19. Lisa

    I absolutely LOVE this place!!!! As for why I think the Willow Tree is like the wunderbar, I can’t tell ya as I have never been to the winder ar 🙂

  20. Shannon Weymouth

    I love Hollerbach! Happy 15 year anniversary yall!

  21. Lauren Surratt

    I love Willow Tree for the same reason we love Sanford…the sense of diversity and community that you immediately feel when you walk into Hollerbach’s! There are few places where you will find everyone from age 5 to 105 singing, dancing, and enjoying time together. We love bringing our out-of-town family and friends to have the “Willow Tree experience ” when they’re visiting. The best food in town, the best service, and the best entertainment is what makes Hollerbach’s so WUNDERBAR!

  22. Jesse Prentiice-Bryant

    So excited Willow Tree is celebrating 15 years, we been going since they opened and would to part of their anniversary celebration!

  23. Donna Spikes

    The Willow Tree is an amazing place !!!! The food and the atmosphere are amazing. From the minute you step in the door until the minute you leave you will have an experience like none other! Everyone comes together and joins in all the fun, the music and the dancing starts and everyone is on their feet young and old. Theo and his staff open their arms to everyone and make you feel like family! Daus Boot is not too bad either. Always look forward to our visits to the Willow Tree !!!! 🙂

  24. Kathy

    I found this gem by chance and fell in love with Hollerbachs immediately on my husband’s and my first visit from Jacksonville. Since then I have had the great pleasure of sharing the wonderbar experience with many family and friends who have travelled near and far. The Cafe and the Market are keepers and we are very grateful to the Hollerbachs for sharing their dream with us all.

  25. Nadine Zilke

    So excited for the celebration amazing food and amazing people

  26. Loren

    I have never been to a restaurant where you feel as if you are transported to another country, but also feel totally at home & surrounded by family. Great food combined with a fun, interactive environment where both adults & kids have a fantastic time is hard to come by. Hollerbachs is the perfect combo and happily sought out by my family for any celebration. Thank you for providing such a great destination.

  27. Jolene Allen

    Hold on Sanford, Another venue is opening! What will we have coming this time? Will it stay? Will it taste good? Will people welcome German food? OMG!! An explosion happened 15 years ago and will never be repeated nor would I want it to. Sanford, Theo put us on the map as a destination. German food. Great german food. Fun! Family! Excitement! Lines of people waiting and smiling and anticipating and they just keep coming because it is an experience with great food and great people. Theo did that. Thank you from a Sanfordite who hoped 21 years ago that you would come.

    Jolene Allen

  28. Paula Snellgrove

    We try to include a visit to Hollerbach’s every time we visit my sister, a Sanford native and frequenter of the restaurant. I love the food, the staff and the atmosphere! I recommend it to anyone who tells me they will be in the vicinity.

    • Leanne

      I remember when Theo first opened our daughter had just been born and our son was still a glimmer in our eyes! We went there frequently as they were growing up. Things have changed a lot since then and not always for the good. We have frequented Theo’s less due to financial situations but life is funny about things like that at times..and things to change around and usually the change was for all the better!
      I have seen the Willow Tree take off like nobody’s business. I here people talk about The Willow Tree from people who don’t even leave near or around Sanford. Theo’s food is one of a kind and spread by basically word of mouth!!! So my hat’s off to you and your crew 🙂

  29. Cosmo Wilson

    I have lived in Munich, Germany, and I so miss the great food, beer and people in my adopted city, so I come here to get my fix! I still make it to Germany a couple of times a year, but it is still not enough. SO when I am home, I come to the Willow Tree! This is the most authentic German restaurant outside of Germany that I have ever been to! Prosit!

  30. Melinda Hays

    The Willowtree is amazing. The food is fantastic, the service is wonderful, and you couldn’t ask for a better atmosphere.

  31. Debra Backer

    The food is amazing and the entertainment is fun! I always have a great time

  32. Rachel

    Would LOVE to win. We go to Hollerbach’s a lot and no other German restaurant can compare. We are fortunate to live in Sanford so we can go quite often!!

  33. Lynette Woodward

    Great article by the way….Great libations, great food, great owners, great service, great patrons, great entertainment, great location, great atmosphere, great community asset….in one word “GREAT”.

  34. Natalia Sadbury

    This has become our go to place since moving to the area in February:)

  35. Christina

    Besides loving the food, I love even just passing by on an evening walk and seeing and hearing all the people enjoying their time there. There is always a great crowd downtown due to Willow Tree. It makes being downtown fun:)

  36. Otis Sjoblom

    Great atmosphere, amazing food! Love the Willow Tree!

  37. Tom Abbott

    Wonderful food and warm and friendly atmosphere . What’s not to love about the Willow Tree!!!

  38. Jody Pendleton

    The Willow Tree and Theo were always great supporters of the Audi Club of CFL when we were in our heyday and we loved finishing the annual Porsche/Audi challenge rally here. It’s always great to end with amazing food and beer!Theo has been the reason that Sanford has grown to become our not so hidden gem. Congratulations Theo and family on a great 15 years and to more success to come! Prost!

  39. cynthia santos

    Today is my birthday and next Thursday is my daughters 5th birthday. We would love to celebrate our special occasions with yours. Thank you

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