You read that title correctly! We are so very excited to introduce the brand new Japanese restaurant, Jimottii’s! (2545 S. French Avenue, Sanford, FL – for reservations call: 407-952-3329)

Let me start off by introducing you to the owner and Head Chef Junichi Takazoe and sous chef Shane Stinett because not only do they make mouth watering food, but they are genuine people and I enjoyed meeting them both.


Sous Chef Shane and Owner/Head Chef Junichi

Jimotti’s is located just off of 17-92 in an older free standing building which is exactly why Junichi said he chose it. It’s an older building yes, but it’s his and he is so very proud of it – and he should be, he’s worked hard to get to where he is today! Junichi also said that the outdoor patio area that is surrounded by trees sold him on the location as he loves the old American Country Style and I couldn’t agree more!

But, let’s get to what Jimotti’s is really all about…the FOOOOD!!


Jimotti’s offers a variety of Asian beers.

When Junichi and Shane started working in the kitchen I had no idea what to expect and I’m just going to let the pictures speak for themselves because you can practically taste each of these dishes. Their presentation is beautiful and the taste is right up there with it, I was very impressed with Jimotti’s. The freshness, the plating, the authenticity and of course the taste! I will be gathering my friends and heading back to this little treasure that now sits right in my backyard!


Heartwarming Pork Belly

You have a pretty extensive background in the restaurant business, can you share a little of your background? 

“I started my chef career in Tokyo when I was just 19 years old. I learned so much there and not only culinary,  it was an overall great experience for me. Then at the age of 21 I headed to Los Angeles, I practiced the art of Sushi there and then I went back to Japan when I was 24 years old and mastered the art of  sushi making in Ginza & Akasaka, Tokyo. I returned to Los Angeles when I was 27 and worked at a few very well known restaurants in the area and built up my experience & career. And then just last year, I came to Orlando to help start up Morimoto Asia in Disney springs and now have my very own restaurant right here in Sanford.”


Assorted Sushi


What is your favorite dish to make? 

“Sushi. I love to make sushi for everyone and hope that many will come and try our authentic Japanese tasting sushi. Many American restaurants take away its authenticity or add too much sauce and although people love that and there is nothing wrong with that, I would really love for people to try authentic Japanese sushi. Such as the way that it is made here in my restaurant, thanks to my knowledge in Japan where the skill, experience and overall knowledge is different than what one might learn here in the U.S.”


Jimotti’s Ramen

That delicious looking bowl of Ramen right there was HUGE and all MINE!! And do I have to even say it…it was soooooo YUMMY! The freshness, THE EGG ( I love eggs in just about everything), the slightest hint of lemon grass it was all so scrumptious and you definitely get what you pay for.

This was such a great experience and I really enjoyed my chat with Junichi, his waitresses went on and on about what a great person he is to work for and I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again the combination of great food and great staff will keep a restaurant alive.

So with all of that said I hope you will take time for lunch, a family outing, date night,etc. to head over and try one of these or one of the many other options that are offered at Jimotti’s. Junichi mentioned that everyone should get out and explore overseas, but if that’s not possible for you why not make a dun little adventure happen right here in our town and experience different cuisines from around the world!

Junichi hopes to host future events such as a Japanese summer festival and possibly get yoga going out in the courtyard. So be sure to stay up to date with all the happenings by following them on Facebook.