Imagine my surprise when I walked into the new and adorable bakery, Dreamy Cakes to chat with owner Angel when lunch was served before me along with a delicious breakfast in bed cupcake, a cupcake that tasted like a pancake and had…bacon crumbles on top! Oh yum! Typically for me a croissant is only eaten at  holidays, so that lovely, buttery, flakey freshly made croissant was gobbled up in the most proper way I could possibly manage without looking like a savage. Inside that dreamy croissant was a very creamy chicken waldorf and on the side a colorful salad with Angel’s house vinaigrette. And to quench my thirst a refreshing cup of Mojito Iced Green Tea. Angel’s interior decor allows you to feel as though you are enjoying lunch outside on the quaint streets of Europe and I enjoyed all of it! Take a moment and read a little bit more about Angel and her new business, Dreamy Cakes and as always be sure to stop in and Welcome her to the neighborhood!

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Dreamy Cakes Bakery – 114 W. 2nd St., Sanford, FL 32771 – (407) 732-7152


Chicken Waldorf Croissant Sandwich and the refreshing Mojito Iced Green Tea.


Breakfast in Bed Cupcake

Welcome to Sanford! You have an adorable shop and obviously sell some delicious sweets, do you sell items other than desserts?

Yes, we are a sweet and savory bakeshop.  Dreamy Cakes Bakery serves lunch specials daily as well as desserts.  We also do custom cakes for every occasion.


Carrot Pineapple Walnut Cake

tych-4What are your top sweets that sell the most? 

Our gourmet cupcakes and cakes by the slice sell the most out of all our sweets.


Looking back do you have an all time favorite cake or dessert that you made? 

I have 2 favorites.  The Chocolate salted caramel, and the Breakfast in bed cupcakes.  I have to stay away from it or I will eat it all up.


Chicken & Beef Empanadas with a side of fresh Pico de Gallo, Ham and Cheese Croissant, Bacon Cheddar Croissant Sandwich with Sriracha mayo

Any memorable customers or moments in the business?

The most memorable is when I made a vegan gluten free cake for a little boy’s birthday.  He is allergic to a lot of ingredients including colors, so the cake had to be soy free, gluten free, dairy free, nut free and no color.  The mother was so happy that someone could make such a cake.  She took pictures and sent it to me.  The boy was so very happy that he could have a cake for his birthday.  That made me cry.


Assorted Dessert Platter

Your favorite guilty pleasure?

Fresh baked chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich


What is your background? 

I am a graduate of Valencia College, and have 2 degrees, both in culinary arts, and baking and pastry.  I am a 2 time silver medalist in the dessert category for ACF competitions in the State of Florida.  Dreamy Cakes started in 2013 in a commissary kitchen in Altamonte Springs, FL and has grown to become the brick and mortar now in Historic Downtown Sanford.  My specialty is flavor fusions and creative artistic work on my cakes and desserts.


Did you grow up in or around Sanford? 

I did not grow up in Sanford but my husband and I have spent many years serving the community doing community service etc. in Sanford from 2005-present.


What made you choose this perfect spot in Sanford? 

We chose Sanford for a few reasons.  One because we love this community and we know many people here.  But also because I am French trained in culinary and I also recently went to Europe and fell in love with all the quaint little bakery shops there.  I wanted to bring that same adorable quaint feel and incorporate it to the motif of dreamy cakes bakery, and Historic Sanford was the perfect place to design such a shop.


Anything else personal, background or upcoming that you’d like to share with Sanford365 readers? 

I just want to share that my passion for culinary and baking is from the heart.  I love seeing people smile and being a part of their special celebrations.  If my food and desserts makes people happy, then I have done my job, and that is the reward I receive, and it brings me joy.


Owner Angel (second from left) and her Dreamy Cakes Crew!!


I’ll just leave you to stare at this deliciousness!