Has it really been 10 years already? Well, I wasn’t quite around Sanford yet when the famous Willow Tree Cafe first opened its doors but I have been a fan ever since the first time I stepped into this (back then a lot smaller) amazing German restaurant.

Some may say I might be a bit biased because I actually am from Germany, but I can guarantee you, it is not only my love for German food and beer (on tap) that puts this restaurant in the top spot of my very favorite restaurants ever (!): the Willow Tree Cafe truly not only serves delicious food but also an unforgettable experience, every single time!

So in honor of their 10 Year Anniversary Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe will be holding a festival with lots of great food, drinks and activities (see official press release below or visit the event page on Facebook). Stop by this Monday, August 1st from 5pm to 9pm and celebrate this great occasion!

In addition to that, Theo is asking all of his guests to provide him with pictures that were taken at his restaurant. I am sure there are lots of fun photos out there, so head over to the Willow Tree fan page on facebook, like them, if you haven’t already done so, and post your pictures on the wall so they can be streamed during the event.

Below is my little gallery of Willow Tree Fun (believe me, I have ten times as many pictures but I had to make a cut…) along with a video of the 2008 Alive After Five Oktoberfest Re-do and our famous “Das Boot” challenge (second half of video) Yes, we lost the challenge. Theo’s team is simply better trained…

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Press Release:

Event: Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Café’s 10th Year Anniversary Festival

Date: Monday, August 1st, 2011

Time: 5:00- 9:00PM

Cost: Suggested $10 Donation


The Willow Tree Café is celebrating 10 years of business in Historic Downtown Sanford. We could never have gotten hear today if it was not for wonderful, loyal guests like you! We invite you to attend this Open House Festival where part of the proceeds will go to our local Sanford organization, Creative Sanford Inc., and their work on Celery Soup. We have an array of activities planned for you, our honored guests. You will be able to tour through our new Magnolia Square Market while sampling food and desserts. The Willow Tree will be offering free food served buffet-style right through our kitchen! We will have a KinderKorner Activity Table including face-painting and much more. We will be raffling off great prizes and gift baskets! If you love our desserts, then you can participate in the KuchenWanderung (Cake Walk). For the beer lover, we have a special Exhibition for you! Our resident Brew Masters will be making beer on-site where you can see the whole process and ask questions! For the competitor in you, we will have Strongman Contests for men and women. What man will outlast the others while holding out a full 1L Stein? Who will win Bar Maiden and hold the most 1L Steins in two hands? We will also have unique entertainment presentations by our staff and guests to honor Theo. As well as special appearances by the cast of “Touch and Go” from Celery Soup! Don’t forget about the Theo Voice-Impersonation Contest…

We are also looking for:

• Event Volunteers

o Greeters

o Ushers

o Soft Beverage Service

o Activity Coordinators

• Guest Performances

o Sing with Jimmy and Eckhard in honor of Theo

o Perform a dance number

Please contact Christina if would like more information. nchollerbach@live.com