Update, October 16, 2020:

I’m excited to announce that the Hotchkiss mural is back in motion! Work will begin the first week of November (cleaning, prepping and then painting!). The mural will be unveiled on November 21st during Art Walk! This event will coincide with the Sanford Wing City project. Do let me know if you have any questions!

And YES, you read that right, the Sanford Art Walk is back and scheduled for every third Saturday of the month between 6-8pm! So far participants include Gallery on First, Jeanine Taylor Folk Art, Reg Garner Photography (studio located Park Ave.) and Deviant Wolfe Brewing. More participants to come…

As you might have already noticed when we published our article about Kristi painting the awesome Sanford mural outside of Sanford City Hall, we are beyond excited about murals finally making their way into our historic Downtown! I mean, we are such a unique, quirky and quaint little town, murals will complement the overall artsy atmosphere perfectly and we can’t wait to see people snapping Instagram worthy pictures and selfies in front of these amazing pieces of art!

We also can’t wait to publish an entire guide all about Sanford’s Murals – but we’re not quite there…yet!  And that’s why we’re reaching out to you, yes, YOU! You can indeed help make Sanford’s next mural a reality!

Recognize this?

Below is all the info you will need regarding the new mural on the Hotchkiss building in Downtown Sanford. In case you’re wondering, that’s the building where Jeanine Taylor Folk Art Gallery/Gallery on First as well as Magpie’s are located. In fact, the mural will be painted on the wall that is facing Hollerbach’s and thereby beautifying the alley between the two buildings.

Not to say we don’t like this alley, on the contrary, we love it so much we even held our 2016 holiday photo shoot here (see proof below!). In the early fall days of 2019 you might have noticed the butterfly wings (dubbed #sanfordwings) and other fun backgrounds that were set up in this very same alley! The alley quickly became a destination during weekends and people loved snapping photos here. You probably did too, didn’t you?

Our 2016 Holiday Shoot in Sanford’s most popular alley!

Gallery on First is obviously now OVERFLOWING with excitement to officially announce that Historic Downtown Sanford is about to have an amazing new mural! They are hoping to begin work on the Hotchkiss Mural in April or as soon as their funds are raised for supplies.

Hotchkiss Mural Overview

Me and my sanfordwings!

Volunteering time, skill and ingenuity, the artists at Gallery on First are thrilled to officially announce the next phase of Historic Downtown Sanford’s first mural. The 63-foot mural site is located on the west side of the Hotchkiss Building (211 E. 1st Street Sanford, Fl 32771) in the alley way between Gallery on First and Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Café on 1st Street in Historic Downtown Sanford.

Painting is set to be underway this Spring with the help of the 12 resident artists and friends of the gallery. The public is invited to keep tabs on the progress via social media livestreams and in person visits. Designed by local Sanford artist, Mark Seppala, the mural was inspired by the color palette and design of artist Heinz Edelmann, the artistic director of The Beatles’ 1968 Yellow Submarine animated film.

The subject matter has been carefully tweaked to represent Sanford’s thriving arts community as well as pay homage to the city’s roots in celery. A grouping of butterfly wings will be included to add an interactive element to the mural. (#sanfordwings is already taking flight on Instagram!)

Gallery celebrity, Louie the French Bulldog will also lend a helping paw to the mural by way of an interactive game of “Where’s Louie?” His little face will be hidden throughout the mural; can you find them all?

Surprisingly, The Hotchkiss Mural project will be the first mural located in the Historic District of Downtown Sanford despite the neighborhoods’ bourgeoning art scene. This project is guaranteed to light the way for more culturally enriching public art to be displayed.

About Gallery on First

Gallery on First is a unique gallery and working space for professional and emerging artists that invites the public inside the artistic process through shows, events, education and conversations with working artists. Gallery on First is located in Historic Downtown Sanford where making art is an experience.

What do we need?

We need to raise $2,500 to pay for the cost of paint, supplies and a scissor lift.

Here’s where YOU come in! You can help out with a little or much you would like to donate! Every dollar counts and will make a difference to get this project started sooner rather than later! In that way, you will be forever part of this mural in Downtown Sanford, too! So please go ahead and support the arts in Sanford by clicking here to donate!

Why is this project important?

A community enriched by public art and public access to art is a community that thrives culturally and inclusively. Public art, and specifically murals, foster a shared sense of community identity and promote a convivial atmosphere. A city with public art is more welcoming, walkable and vital.

We couldn’t agree more!!