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Are you familiar with Sanford’s Spotlight Theater? It’s okay neither was I; that is until Lissette, the Vice President of the theater, invited me to stop by for the dress rehearsal of their upcoming showing of “The Wizard of Oz”. I watched as these volunteers spent their Saturday rehearsing and then asked Lissette a few questions about the theater. Find out more about Spotlight Theatre and those spending their free time making the theatre and its plays possible!

Spotlight Theatre has generously given us 2 tickets to giveaway, head on over to our Facebook page to enter or send an email to Jessica@Sanford365.com. You can enter until 1/29/18 at 12am. The winner will be announced  on our Facebook page Tuesday, January 30th, 2018 at 12pm. To view info. about the play including showtimes click here! 

Introduce yourself, how did you get involved?

My name is Lissette Reina. After seeing a young nephew in two Spotlight productions, my daughter Kennedy caught a theatre bug that took her from show appreciator to actor. To support her, I was compelled to volunteer as much as I could.  While volunteering, I got a clear view of the love, dedication, passion, and time that others poured into the theatre. I saw the enormous intrinsic value & the satisfaction that it brought those involved and those who came out to experience it. It certainly left a mark. I was very flattered when I was invited to sit on the Board & was equally honored when offered the position of Vice President.

What is Spotlight Theater?

Spotlight Theatre is a 501c3 nonprofit community theatre, located at 4022 S Orlando Dr. Off 17-92 & Lake Minne Drive.

When and how did Spotlight get started?  

The love of theatre combined with the realization that there was a lack of broad spectrum opportunities gave birth to Spotlight Theatre in 2010. Theatre in general, is designed to be sought out by those who have already experienced theatre.  Most go see a show that is recommended by a friend or gets rave reviews in the mainstream media. While many were enjoying participation in theatre, some were not getting the information needed to audition for shows or participate. The information, while not purposely withheld, was only going to people who were somehow connected to the industry like children talent clubs, family of the venue patrons, previous actors, & friends of members.  Knowing all the benefits that come from theatre, the many ways that it can enrich and educate those involved, and the intrinsic value that participation brings others, Spotlight aims to bring the theatre experience into the lives of all members of the community.
To make it possible for all, we currently do not charge a fee for participation.  Visit our Facebook page to view our mission statement: https://www.facebook.com/Spotlight-Theatre-of-Central-Florida-1653602008258740/

How long has the theater been around?

Established in 2010, the theatre started as a traveling theatre and held performances in Shakespeare Theatre, Princess Theatre, Shoestring Theatre, & more.

Since all of the members of Spotlight are volunteers how did they hear about it and can others be a part of the theater and/or try out for future plays?

Every member will have their own personal story but the one thing that they all have in common is passion. The members each felt inspired by a passion, some for the shows, others for the mission. I would invite readers to come in and feel the passion for themselves, then hear the stories first hand.  Maybe over tea!  We are currently looking for passionate, go-getters who would like to be part of our board!  Members & sponsors of all levels are always welcomed. Our doors are open to anyone who wants to volunteer in anyway and we even offer recorded volunteer hours for those schools and jobs who require them.  It is an excellent opportunity to meld needs and passions. If you have a curiosity about any aspect of theatre, come on out and audition for roles or volunteer for crew positions.

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What are the different roles that volunteers tackle? 

Volunteers of all skill levels, are able to learn and be taught the different areas of theatre. It is surprising how many unseen actions it takes to bring you a show. Volunteers paint and build sets, work backstage, lights, sound, choreography, ushers, concessions, costuming, props, promotions, directors; the list continues. Every volunteer I have met to date has poured their talents into the job they take on, often with no previous experience.  It’s exciting.

Where does the money go that the theater makes?

Spotlight has no paid staff! 100% of all proceeds go into the cost of operations & to the production costs of a show. Our biggest wish list item is a store front sign. We want you to know where we are. Any information that will get us closer to obtaining this is greatly appreciated.

Are all ages needed for the plays?

Our plays cover a wide spectrum of ages. We have a starting age of 4 and we have no end to the spectrum.

Are most or all plays family friendly?

Most shows are family friendly. The shows have to be looked at on a case by case basis by the patron. While our upcoming show, The Wizard of Oz, is ideal for all ages, a human eating plant (Little Shop of Horrors) may be a little over the top for your little one.

Are there any future plans for Spotlight?

Spotlight has an entire line up of shows for 2018! Check out our playbill, we have both musicals and straight plays to suit every preference. We have plans to be a bigger part of our community outside of the theatre by bringing tastes of theatre out to you all in info booths, activity booths, and more. This past year, we were able to participate in sponsoring a Thanksgiving basket, sponsoring a shoebox collection box, & we were able to work with other non-profits. Stop by and say hi!  Parents, keep an eye out. We will be announcing auditions for our Junior (Kids) production will be announced soon!

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