Please Note: Due South has since closed their doors, but we loved getting to know them and still feel they deserve a little spotlight for coming to Sanford.

I080a3238 waited weeks to get a glimpse of the beautiful new store, Due South (104 E First Street, 321-363-3953), and when I walk in and shook hands with owner, Donna I was not disappointed…


080a3198Donna and I take a seat at one of the lovely pieces that furnish her store and she brings me up to date on how she and her store ended up right in the heart of Downtown Sanford. I love listening to Donna as she talks about how she and her husband, Todd, raised their children in Lumberton, North Carolina (yes, she has that sweet southern girl accent) all the while running their own Ambulance Service together. But, after their kids graduated she and her husband were ready for a change of scenery and longing to live closer to the coast080a3217 the couple moved to Myrtle Beach where Donna opened her first shop. The couple stayed close to the coast for another two years before Donna had to sell her store and the couple set off on another adventure, this time closer to the sun, Florida!

Todd received a job offer and worked as the head for the Department of Transportation in Tallahassee. Not long after that Central Florida started their very first Sunrail and guess who they called to be the G.M., that’s right, Todd. Thanks to Sunrail Donna and her husband now reside in Central Florida and Donna quickly fell in love with Downtown Sanford and all it took was for her husband to take her to The Breezeway for dinner and visions of a new store began dancing around in her head.080a3234

080a3185Donna quickly started coming up with ideas for another store and sought out used furniture at auctions and had the store together in no time, two months to be exact. Donna beautifully refinishes the used furniture she purchases and gives it a new life, but that’s not the only thing you’ll find filling the store. Donna also rents several booths to other consignment sellers, has a large armoire full of unique jewelry, some sold by local artists, fun string art that is also made by a local artist, new clothing and decor. 080a3171
Donna is already making her mark in the Downtown area and is looking forward to bringing the community together with fun classes for adults and kids that will take place in her shop in the future, so be sure to follow Due South LLC. for all of her updates, because if you love refinishing furniture or anything D.I.Y. as much as me then you’re going to want to stay in the loop.

Donna is already so appreciative of everyone that has welcomed her and says that “Everyone has been so, so, so, sweet”. Every store owner appreciates when you stop in and say hello and Donna is open late, so that you can do just that. Be sure to stop in Tuesday – Friday 11am-6pm and Saturday 11am-5pm and welcome her to the neighborhood and maybe walk away with one of her many goodies, just as I did!