A Haunted House in Sanford? Yes, please…

How often have we heard, or even asked ourselves, Why is there no haunted house in Sanford? or Wouldn’t it be cool to have a haunted house in Sanford this Halloween? Well, it looks like our wish was granted because now there’s Sanford Screams, so get ready to be REALLY scared, Sanford (*cue evil laughter*)

Haunted House in Sanford – SANFORD SCREAMS

2921 S. Orlando Dr. Ste. 176

October 3rd-October 31st Wed. – Sat. 7pm-11pm

Sanford Screams Facebook Page

Find out how Sanford Screams, the first ever haunted house in Sanford came to be…

Imagine leaving your close knit community, selling everything you own and moving to a new state where you know nobody. For Kyle and Dawn, they don’t have to imagine, because this is exactly what they did – and guess where they decided to open up a business? Yep, Sanford, FL.

After deciding to move to Florida to become missionaries for Omega Ranch in New Smyrna, Kyle and Dawn thought it was best to start fresh and literally sold everything in order to make it happen. They left their close knit community, friends and family in Kansas and began working on the ranch. They fell in love with Sanford, as most do, and opened up a small shabby-chic to farmhouse unique furniture and decor store called The Vintage Stool.

But as the fall season drew near, they both began to miss home and their community, because back home at this time of the year for them meant 300+ kids and their families coming together for their annual community Haunted House. Kids would line the streets in anticipation as parents dressed as clowns and witches in order to fulfill their rolls from inside the house. Kyle and Dawn believe in each other and support each other in all they do, so as Dawn’s favorite time of the year began to roll around the couple questioned whether they could pull off what they usually spend 4 months planning for in just under a month.

Haunted House in Sanford FL - Crime Scene

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That team mentality has paid off because they most certainly can and did pull off putting together 4,500 square foot haunted house in Sanford, just like they used to do back home – except this time it’s for the big kids. While building a new community where you know nobody may seem impossible, these two made it possible.

Omega Ranch owner, Stan Smith helped the couple to secure the 8,000 square foot building they will be using for the Haunted House and volunteers from all over who love Halloween as much as Dawn have come to help the couple build, paint, direct, act, scare, and create in order to make their first Haunted House in Sanford, Sanford Screams, possible.

So if you’re a lover of Zombies and Crazy Clowns and want the opportunity to walk through Carnevil and Toxic Wasteland for a linear interactive experience right in your backyard then you’ll love everything about Sanford Screams and in the process you’ll be helping Kyle and Dawn support those benefiting from this event such as The Boys and Girls Club of Central FL, ACT to ACT and Camp Omega. All of these local organizations will receive a portion of the proceeds.

So grab your friends that love to be scared and test your courage as you walk through Sanford Screams the first Haunted House in Sanford FL!

Actors at the first ever Haunted House in Sanford FL

Haunted House in Sanford FL - Actress with Halloween Make-Up

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Haunted House in Sanford FL - Halloween Props

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Haunted House in Sanford FL - Actress

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A look inside the first Haunted House in Sanford FL - Spider Webs

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