About a month ago my husband and I purchased fresh Orange Juice from White’s Red Hill Groves (7210 N Ronald Reagan Blvd., Sanford FL 32773 | 407-885-0272) and we were officially hooked! I now make an almost weekly trip to the Grove to refill our O.J. stock and get my card stamped, so that when I go in to select my 12th 1/2 gallon of some of the most delicious orange juice that my taste buds have ever experienced it will be on the house.

I couldn’t keep this hidden gem to myself and told Claudia all about their fresh orange juice, U-Pick fresh herbs & berries, jams, peanuts, soft serve ice cream, orange juice float and before I knew it we had a day planned ahead for an after school outing with her boys!

We met at the farm store and looked around a bit before heading into the greenhouse to collect fresh strawberries. The boys had a great time being our little strawberry hunters and found many that we would have otherwise passed right by. After picking strawberries we peeked at the peppers, cilantro and other fresh herbs and veggies that were growing next to the greenhouse and even took a moment to chat with the chickens that provide the farm with fresh eggs. We then ventured over to view the Orange Grove, no picking is allowed there as the farm juices and packages all their oranges for their fresh orange juice and variety of citrus baskets.

We headed back into the farm store to make our purchases and couldn’t leave without getting a delicious and refreshing cup of vanilla and orange swirl ice cream, with it being summer in January here in Florida! Claudia and the boys found a cozy spot on a tree swing and gobbled up their sweet treat while enjoying the view of the grove.

While they enjoyed their dessert I went and chatted with just one of the family members that helps keep the grove running and found that it’s been a running business since 1962! That’s pretty impressive. So why add the farm store now you ask? Well, the packing house recently moved after being located in the Conway area of Orlando for the past 50+ years and with the growing community and aging parents, the family thought it best to move the packing house right onto the grove and we are so happy they did!

The store offers fresh orange and grapefruit juice, pecans from a family grove in GA (side note, the owner of the farm grew up playing in those exact same groves that the pecans still grow in today!), peanuts are from West Virginia and the White farm brines and roasts them, ice cream, orange juice float with the farms fresh oranges, jelly from Dunedin, local candies, maple syrup, U-pick garden (call ahead to make sure what you are looking for is growing) and much more…you’ll just have to go for yourself to see what else is held at White’s Red Hill Groves!

White’s Red Hill Groves 

7210 N Ronald Reagan Blvd., Sanford FL 32773


Store Hours:

  • Sunday: 11am-3pm
  • Tuesday – Friday 9am-4pm
  • Saturday 9am-4pm