cubby-publix-photo-contestWe have a big $200 photo shoot giveaway happening on the Facebook page right now (as Sanford365 Newsletter subscriber you are automatically entered in this one – click here to enter if you’re not a member on our email list yet) and I wanted to take a moment to have Sanford photographer Jessica Lynn introduce herself to you all. Her love for Sanford is shining through in her words – and I adore her pictures 🙂

Also, if you would like to help her out on the big Publix paws pets photo contest that she entered, click here and vote for her super cute picture of Cubby! It only takes a few seconds!

But now without further ado, here is Jessica…

Sanford FL PhotographerI am very proud to say that I am a rare, but true Floridian. I was born in Fort Lauderdale and shortly after moved to central Florida where my parents found a house and decided to settle down in a little town called Sanford!

As I think back on my younger years I am flooded with many wonderful memories; hanging out in the back of my Dad’s truck with a blanket and pillow as we all snuggled up to watch a movie at the drive-in (somebody please re-open one!!!!!!!!!), visiting all of the playful animals at the Sanford Zoo, loading up the car and heading to downtown Sanford to pick out the perfect spot on 4th of July to watch the fireworks, dancing my tap routine in the Sanford Parade, so many wonderful memories have taken place in our cute little town of Sanford and I continue to make more.

Sanford FL Photographer

I love all of the unique stores and restaurants Downtown Sanford has to offer, I enjoy going to the Wayne Densch theatre to watch the many talented performers and let’s not forget the fun filled Love Your Shorts Film Festival, I love to walk the strip at Christmas time as the streets are filled beautiful white Christmas lights, but what I love most of all is strapping my camera around my neck and finding the perfect photo spots.

Sanford FL Photographer

Sanford FL PhotographerJessica’s Tips for Taking a Great Picture in Sanford FL

Downtown Sanford is definitely one of my favorite spots to shoot; with all the fun shops, beautiful landscape and those historic buildings with their worn out paint and alluring textures! If you’re looking for the perfect photo spot step out of the norm and step into creative and adventurous. Get out of your car a take a walk look for texture and color. An old house with a porch gives you a fun environment, an old building with paint chips or brick walls gives you great texture and a field of flowers gives you beautiful color. Don’t be afraid to explore, Sanford has lots of exciting places so be sure to step outside and who knows I could be coming to you for that perfect little spot you’ve found.

Sanford FL Photographer

To view Jessica’s online portfolio please click here!