Thursday May 2, the Sanford Historical Society, with Celery City Craft celebrated the ending of the Smith’s Barroom Challenge with their “Last Call” event.

The first historical inspired pub crawl in Sanford.

The Sanford Historical Society challenged the bars to make a cocktail based on an 1892 deed of a Saloon called Smith’s Barroom, and then try to sell as many drinks as possible in the month of April 2019 with the understanding that 10% of the proceeds made from those drinks will be donated to the Sanford Historical Society.

We had an award for the bar that sold the most drinks, as well as another award for Patron’s choice, which was chosen by a Facebook poll. We are happy to say, our first Smith’s Barroom was a success. The Sanford Historical Society raised over $1,000, and sold over 1,300 drinks

The night was kicked offed by thanking Amber Babcock, who made all this possible, with her designs, and promotions on social media. Brigitte Stephenson then told a little about the contentious history of alcohol in Sanford in 1890’s attire, and why doing this fundraiser helped makes Sanfordites discover a little more about their past. Finally the winners were announced.

The Winner of the challenge was Hollerbach’s with 280 of their drink, “Smith’s Sage Advice”s sold.

“English” Dave or David Lengert accepted the award thanking everyone who had tried his drink made with brandy, blackberry schnapps, topped with an orange slice, and a sprig of sage.

The Patron’s choice winner was The Old Jailhouse with their “Smith’s Rose”, a cocktail made with whiskey sour, house made pomegranate grenadine, simple syrup, lime juice, and apple jack.

We also had a “Selfie Contest” in which images of tagged #smithsbarroom could be voted by “likes” on Facebook. The first place winner Alex Diaz will receive $250 in prizes composed of gift cards and local merchandise from the local bars and the second winner Leah Solano will receive $100 in gift cards and local merchandise. Visit the Sanford Historical Society’s Facebook page  to look at the winners.

The Sanford Historical Society also made an award for Celery City Craft, for their pop up Smith’s Barroom, where 10% of everything sold would go to the Sanford Historical Society*. They received this award for not only going above and beyond, but also helping out with the planning. Will Henao from Historic Downtown Sanford was also thanked for his contributions with helping the society get the word out about this event.

Overall, the night was filled with merriment. We hope to continue the success of this fundraiser next year, so be sure to look out for that!

*The Smith’s Barroom pop up did not participate in the competition

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