The local coffee shop Palate Coffee Brewery that we all know and love has been preparing for their newest addition…an ICE CREAM SHOP!! We are just a tiny bit excited over here, okay okay we are OVER THE MOON EXCITED! I don’t know about you but in my opinion you can never have too many Ice Cream shops in Florida, especially when they are on a mission to give back to the community. As you may already know the Kadolph/Lemmon family runs their sister business across the street from the new Palate Bubs & Ice Cream, if you simply take 20 steps across the street you’ll step into Palate Coffee Brewery. A coffee shop that is volunteer-staffed and where profits go towards the battle against Human Trafficking through an even bigger organization called Love Missions. Palate Bubs will run a bit different from their sister business as it will be a for-profit business, but with a mission in mind nonetheless.

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The building that will now hold several different flavors of Ice Cream came with a full kitchen – but an Ice Cream Shop doesn’t need a kitchen, right? Wrong! At least not when the Kadolph family are the ones making moves. Together the family decided to keep the kitchen and put it to good use. The kitchen will be used to job train victims of sex trafficking as well as children coming from foster care, who may otherwise not have any previous job training skills. The kitchen will be filled with professional bakers and chefs who will be there to teach trainees everything they need to know about becoming a professional in the kitchen in hopes that they will go on to do amazing things with these newly obtained skills. Love Missions does not only train men and women to become professionals in the kitchen, through a huge team of professionals and volunteers, Love Missions is teaching young and old how to obtain life skills through all different avenues.

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Victims of sex trafficking may get the help they need in a safe house (which Love Missions also provides), but they then must go out into the world once they leave the safe house. Most times there is no in between, so Palate Bubs, as well as other business locations that they have partnered with, will be there in between  in order to provide skills and therapy in all avenues such as Yoga Therapy, Art and professional business training.

In fact, when sitting down and chatting with Katrina Lemmon, the daughter of Carl and Tina Kadolph, I learned that Carl  just recently returned from a training in which he learned to teach victims on how to start a business – and he will be using these skills to teach trainees both here locally and in South America where their safe house is located.

The family also recently met with a local who owns and operates an organization that is set up specifically to train victims on how to start their own business. And I have it on good authority that he too will be joining the Palate mission to teach men and women how to go beyond learning the basics and learn the skills needed to open and successfully run their own business.

If you are interested in also assisting the Kadolph family on this amazing mission they are on to stop human trafficking, you can reach out to them via their Facebook page or their Love Mission website. They are always looking for volunteers to serve at Palate Coffee Brewery and are now on the look out for new volunteers to step into the Palate Bubs kitchen an/or are open to anyone willing to teach others about a specific job trade.

© Benevolence Photography

© Benevolence Photography

Soooo what about the ice cream and what in the world are Bubs?

The new Ice Cream shop will offer over 20 flavors all coming from a local South Florida business, with fun names like “C” is for Cookie Monster and Guava Cheese Cake. I doubt you’ll be able to resist stepping in to try a flavor or two when Palate Bubs opens their doors in a couple of weeks.

Where are my non-dairy peeps at? Have no fear, Coconut based Ice Cream will be available depending on demand, so for the sake of those of us who can’t tolerate the lactose, get in there and Scream for Ice Cream because we all love it!

Sugar Free-No sugar added Ice Cream will also be available as well as plenty of toppings to make for the picture perfect Ice Cream cone.

Speaking of cones…BUBBLE WAFFLES folks. Yes, you read that correct. Bubble waffles will be made fresh to order (and now you know bubs = bubble waffles) as well as regular waffle cones and sugar cones.

Phew. If you’re not craving Ice Cream after reading all of this, I may just have to eat an extra scoop for you.

All in all Palate is hoping to continue their mission to help mend broken lives and heal broken hearts as well as create a family friendly and community oriented place to spend your Floria days making memories. Be sure to follow Palate on their Facebook page so you can stay up to date on their opening date as well as announcements such as new Ice Cream flavors, Kid Friendly Activities, Workshops and the option to host a Birthday party at Palate Bubs. Happy tasting!

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