The oak tree and bungalow-lined brick streets of Historic Downtown Sanford conjure whimsical feelings of nostalgia. For those lucky enough to inhabit one of the charming historic homes here, reminders of the past are omnipresent:while the je ne sais quoi of these historic homes is unparalleled, it doesn’t come without challenges.

In a world that’s constantly evolving and updating, how does one wed current trends with the historic character of a house? With a few key points in mind, the past and present can live harmoniously within your home.  


Photo pulled from Stellar MLS.


Honor the original craftsmanship.

Details like beautiful wood floors and ornate moldings were standard in homes of yesteryear. Today,  they’re often costly upgrades or luxuries. Appreciate the thought and detail that was put into your home years ago so that it may still stand proudly for you and your family today.

Utilize classic materials in modern application.

Wood, metals, and leather are all materials that always have been and always will be in style. Apply these timeless staples in new ways. In the dining room pictured, the table is classic wood  with a modern live edge. The chairs & chandelier feature classic, reliable materials with sleek, streamlined silhouettes. Don’t be afraid to mix and match! A blend will give your home depth and layers.

Pursue bold choices in replaceable items.

Take design risks on lower-cost items that can easily be changed. The dining room table may not be the place to do so. However, the wall color (it’s just paint, people!) or accessories can be easily swapped. Part of discovering your signature style is trial and error. In the wise words of Bob Ross, “we don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”

If all else fails, contact Studio Piacere! Our expertise lies in the mixing historic charm with modern function: we are a full-service interior design firm with roots in Historic Downtown Sanford.  

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In addition to full-service design, we also offer e-design services.

How does e-design work?

First, we’ll send you information on how to gather the information we need (e.g. measurements and photos) you to send to us. Together, we’ll discuss your vision for your space, and then. we’ll put together a mood board to ensure we’ve captured your individual style. Next, we get to designing! We’ll present you with two different options for your room. You select which option you prefer and we’ll send over all the information you’ll need: where to purchase each item, the cost, where to place it once it arrives at your home, and any other pertinent information.

Here are some samples of a typical e-design:

Whether you have a historic home, a new build, or something in between, the home of your dreams is within reach – and we’d love to help!

Studio Piacere was founded in 2019 by Lauren Graback with the goal of making great design accessible, while providing exceptional service. “Piacere” (Pea-uh-chair-eh) is an Italian word which translates to “to be pleasing.” It is often used after making an acquaintance for the first time. Similar to “pleased to meet you” in English. At Studio Piacere, we want you to be pleased to meet your spaces the first, and every time, you enter them. When you come home at the end of the day, celebrate life’s victories, and experience quiet moments, you should do so in an environment that pleases youPlease visit our website for more information.