Red Robin Sanford FL

Some weeks ago I had written about Red Robin opening their newest location here in Sanford. Well this evening was my first time dining at Red Robin (I had shared the Red Robin promo for a free dinner for 4 on the Sanford365 Facebook page and hundreds of you signed up. In fact the post was my most popular post ever with close to 300 shares – good news travels quickly…).

The menu selection was great, lots of unexpected burger “toppings”, as for example a sunny side up egg. Well, that’s exactly what I went for: the Royal Red Robin (sunny side up egg, bacon and cheese). I added some Avocado to it, et voila, a juicy and very filling burger. As dessert we shared a monster (yes, it is as huge as it sounds!) salted caramel milk shake. Red Robin offered great food, I even enjoyed the freckled lemonade – and this coming from someone who truly NEVER drinks soda is a huge compliment! Did I mention I also hardly ever eat burgers (if I add it up I think on average I might eat 2 a year), so I think Red Robin did a very good job satisfying a no burger eating or soda drinking individual 🙂