Red Robin Sanford FL

Well, I am always excited to see new businesses opening in Sanford, be it in downtown or the mall area, a privately owned one or a chain. While I personally try to visit privately owned, unique restaurants (=small business owners) I also sometimes visit the big old chain restaurants. What I always try though is making sure it’s in Sanford, so whenever I can influence the location decision of any of our group of friends, I will 😉

That said, I am of course quite excited to see that Sanford will very soon (mid to end February) have a Red Robin! I had heard good things of this burger chain restaurant and was curious so I asked around on the Sanford365 Facebook page, and got more than 50 positive comments about Red Robin. Definitely going to check it out and report back 😉

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, 1630 Rinehart Road, Sanford, FL 32771