Here are some impressions of Taste of Sanford 2011.

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We had a great time and definitely enjoyed the food!

Our favorite Restaurants for Food and Drinks were:


  • De La Vega: Most creative dish! Not surprising, this Mexican restaurant in Deland is simply fabulous! We have been here several times and the food is always exquisite! Blog post coming up soon!
  • Shula’s 347: Their beef was amazing! I really had to stop myself from just devouring it!! I cannot believe I still haven’t had dinner here… It’s on my list though!
  • Efes Turkish Cuisine: Another one of my favorite restaurants in Sanford (post in the works). I can never stop eating their rice. No idea how they make it soooo tasty!


  • World of Beer: Whatever that Belgian beer was they served, it won me over at the first sip 😉
  • Rattlesnake shots by the Central Florida Zoo


  • Empress Sissi: the berry cheesecake was to die for! I wish they actually had a little dessert place in Sanford. They told us though that they can bake any cake you desire for your events.
  • Ruth Chris Steakhouse: Amazing dessert – even better than the beef, who would have thought?


  • Surprise Favorite: The Central Florida Regional Hospital! Their food was great and they had a good variety too.
  • Mystery Favorite: Since Jose was the one responsible for food while I waited at our table with Nicolas, there were some mystery dishes (in terms of, where did the food come from?). One was an amazing sample of good old mashed potatoes with super juicy beef. Does anyone know which restaurant/caterer served that one? Jose just couldn’t remember…

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