Please Note: The Dangerous Theatre has since closed their doors, but we loved getting to know them and still feel they deserve a little spotlight for coming to Sanford.

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© Benevolence Photography


Theaters in Sanford FL: Join us as we visit Dangerous Theatre

Dangerous Theatre is one of the theaters in Sanford, and certainly one you shouldn’t miss… If you walk down 1st Street you’re sure to notice the intriguing and possibly even intimidating bright purple with yellow lettering logo of the DANGEROUS  Theatre in the window of the old princess theater.

Not really knowing what might be held within the walls of this building with a new name to claim, I contacted theater owner Winnie Wenglewick to ask if my Mom and I could sit in on the next play, The Vagrant. Winnie was quick to openly welcome both my Mom and I into her quaint theater and even greeted us and each of her guests at the front door with enthusiasm, she is always ready to answer questions or share a story. Winnie then directed us to take our seats in the back theater where we could choose any table and chair setting.

The theatre venue is simply a square room with dark painted walls and a flat floor and the audience is assembled in 3 rows of chairs. The props are few, but depict the setting superbly. I immediately felt like I was in a hidden theater on the streets of New York as we walked around the room which is no bigger than a large living room and took in the 4 props that stood staring right at us from the “stage”,  A well crafted handmade New York Hot Dog stand, a metal bench, a trash can, a crate and scattered newspaper were all the lined the stage and I was pretty sure that if I stretched my arms out just enough from the front row seating I could touch any of the objects that were soon to take us to another time and place. In an atmosphere such as this you are sure to be altogether engrossed in the story and the characters.

Before the play gets started we are asked to open any food wrappers, silence our cell phones and refrain from any chatter so we are not to disturb the actors or guests inside the intimate theatre, where every seat is a good seat. The lights are dimmed from the light tech who takes a seat in the back row and the show begins.

In The Vagrant the characters (all 6 of them) played their parts very well and didn’t even seem to mind that we were as close as three feet in front of one another during portions of the play – and neither did we, we were completely drawn in to every moment.  Most of these plays are written by owner, Winnie herself or are written by play writers she knows from her original theatre in Denver, which still stands today…yes, she runs 2 theaters! With that said, you probably have never heard of the plays that will be at this venue, and you may wonder is this going to be weird, are they going to know that I’m not the “artsy” theatre type, am I going to even get it? You’ll get it, trust me.

Theaters in Sanford FL: Dangerous Theatre

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So, WHY “DANGEROUS” THEATRE? Because it is a dangerous proposition to make a living in theatre. That is the short answer. From owner, operator and performer Winnie Wenglewick. Take it from me…do not be intimidated by the name Dangerous Theatre, dare a visit to this unique theatre for performance and you’ll be hooked, I sure am! 

 The Dangerous theatre is located at 115 W. 1st street Downtown Sanford, you can visit both the theater’s WEBSITE and FACEBOOK page for upcoming plays. To purchase tickets you can simply walk in 30 mins before any show or call Winnie (407) 358-6677 and let her know what show, how many and pay when you arrive. Both of these options are cash only. If you would like to purchase your tickets in advance via credit card please visit the theaters website and choose the play you’d like to see.

Thank you so much Winne for allowing my Mom and I to attend your intimate theatre. My Mom and I had a great time and thank you to my Mom for assisting me with a Mother/Daughter write-up. Can’t wait for the next play!!!

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