Dlynn's Fine ArtUPDATE: Scroll down to see the finished portrait of Deena, our Sanford Selfie Pet Contest winner!

First we watched the adorable pictures roll in, then we witnessed the epic battle of pet owners, and now we have a winner! That’s right, after several weeks of nail biting, we are ready to announce the winner of our first Sanford Selfie Themed Contest.

We asked all of Sanford’s most voracious pet owners to submit pictures of their favorite four legged friends to compete for a fantastic custom pet portrait, painted by local Sanford artist Dlynn Roll.

With such an awesome prize in the balance, it was a tough battle, but only one beloved pet could come out on top. And now, the winner is…

Deena Buster!

With an impressive 259 likes/votes, Deena will be commemorated in an 8×8 portrait for her owners Christine and Paul Buster to cherish forever. I can’t wait to see how Dlynn will capture Deena!

Thank you to all who participated in the contest! I’m glad I didn’t have to judge, because there would simply be no way to choose between all the adorable Sanford pets!

Stay tuned for May’s Themed Selfie Contest, which will coincide with this month’s Alive After Five theme: Sanford De Mayo!

Edited to add photos of finished product:

deena-buster-1 deena-buster-2 deena-buster-3 deena-buster-4