So, as I mentioned in my 5 year anniversary post 2 days ago, I’ve enlisted some helpers at Nelson and Christina are now on the lookout for fabulous stuff in Sanford. Because of their efforts you will be able to get a better variety of pictures but also viewpoints of Sanford. I am very excited to bring you Christina’s very first 365 picture and blurp and hope you enjoy Christina and Nelson’s company as much as I do 🙂



While commuting 22 miles to and from work isn’t the ideal situation, the 417 does afford some great views. My mornings begin with the sunrise over Lake Jesup, named in honor of Brigadier General Thomas Jesup, an American military officer who served in the Second Seminole War.

I’ve seen more alligators than I care to on my bridge crossing! And always beware of fish falling from the sky. One morning an osprey sitting on one of the lamp posts lost its catch of the day and the fish landed on the windshield of the car in front of me.