Sanford City Map DowntownHappy Anniversary to Me!! Sanford365 turns 5 TODAY!!

Time flies when you’re having fun yet I can’t believe it’s already been 5 years since I opened my blog and wrote my very first post.

Sanford365 has grown into a much bigger project than I had initially planned. After all, the blog really just started out as a personal project, some type of online diary that would inspire me to take better pictures and be more aware of my daily life. During that year I also fell in love with Sanford as I focused my picture taking more and more around the city and it’s wonderful community.

In 2010 Sanford365 joined Facebook in an effort to reach even more people to promote everything Sanford. 3,600 fans “likes” later the page is growing and really starting to make an impact. I gladly provide all of you with events, things to do and much more on a daily basis.

Now, I had been thinking about starting another round of 365 many times but mainly time constraints have kept me from attempting it. Well, after 5 years of Sanford365 I figured, why not make this anniversary even more meaningful by starting a new year of pictures. This time I changed the “rules” a little, so for full disclosure, here they are:

  • Post a picture a day.
  • The pictures will only show scenes, objects and people in Sanford, Florida including pictures taken at events and pictures of businesses or restaurants (which could include food/drinks).
  • Pictures will be taken mainly by me but also by members of the “Sanford Spy Club” (a group of friends who have volunteered to help me out with picture taking and the occasional blog post)
  • Pictures will be taken either with my always present iphone camera, my beloved Sony Nex-3 or my Canon Eos Digital Rebel.

So let’s take on this year, starting on September 18, 2013, and ending it on September 17, 2014 (wow, that sounds so far away now, but I know it will be here before we know it…).

Hope you enjoy my pics and feel free to post comments anytime! Feedback is always important to me. After all YOU are the ones who keep me going!