Sanford FL Bus Line

Sadly, if I wanted to use public transportation to get to my favorite restaurants and bars in downtown Sanford it would take me more than 2 hours (check out the route planner on the Lynx web site). Driving downtown in my car takes me between 10-15 minutes.

Growing up in Europe the idea of being dependent on your car was something completely new to me when I moved to the US a little over 11 years ago. I never owned a car in Germany and had I stayed there, I probably still wouldn’t. I rode my bike every single day of the year with very few exceptions (yes, I even dared to ride it on snow covered streets). And if I ever couldn’t ride my bike there were still plenty of other options to get around.

At least though there actually is a bus line (well, technically two) that runs through Sanford: 46 W and 46 E. More schedules and maps can be found here.

From what I have heard, downtown Orlando actually seems to be doing quite well with public transportation and that gives me hope for the surrounding areas, including Sanford. Especially with SunRail starting service in the spring of this year (2014) we should soon see some changes.