2010 Senior Division First Place by Ariel Rivera

2010 Senior Division First Place: Ariel Rivera, Lake Brantley High School, Grade 12, Watercolor and mixed media of 506 S. Palmetto Ave.

Do you know a Middle School, High School or College art student in Seminole County? Then let them know about the annual Sanford Historic Buildings & Architecture Student Art Contest!

The medium can either be oils, pastel, charcoal, pencil or photography. I find this contest really exciting since there are so many options: just pick one of the over 450 historic buildings in Sanford or capture an idyllic scene happening in the historic district of Sanford. Show the world how beautiful Sanford is!

This is a great opportunity for aspiring artists in Seminole County and at the same time the Historic Trust will be closer to reaching their goal of building a permanent art library of the city’s buildings to promote Sanford’s history.

Besides the honor of winning the contest, there will be cash prizes from $25 to $150 for the first through third place winners in each division. The deadline is 11/11/11. Details can be found by visiting the Sanford Historic Trust Web Site or clicking here.