Sanford365 turns 9! Prohibition Party and Speak Easy Lounge

It’s our Birthday so we’ll party prohibition style if we want to…and we do! Won’t you join us? Here is your complete list of all the fun that’s to be had at our Birthday Celebration!!


Celery City, 114 S. Palmetto Ave. Sanford, Florida 32771 – (407) 915-5541

We are so grateful to Paul Williams and Shane Hardenbrook and the staff at Celery City for coming together and making this event possible!

The event will take place both indoors and out, so ladies be sure to wear shoes that are appropriate for both.

(Speakeasy Lounge will be in the old Celery City Building and those dressed per the theme and in possession of the Speak Easy password will be allowed in, back entrance only)


Pizzaacone Food Truck will be serving their delicious pizza in a cone! Celery City will also have their Bistro menu available.


Jack Daniels is sponsoring this event and will be providing specialty drinks. They will be located in the outside Beer Garden. Bartender Nadine will be serving the following whiskey drinks… Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Jack Ricky and Side Car.

Jack Daniels Bartender, Nadine

Old Fashioned


Jack Ricky









Side Car

Celery City will have both bars open and will be serving their drinks as well!


Brenda at Mattie’s Delectable Desserts has generously offered her time and talent and will be surprising us with our beautiful and delicious Birthday cake!











There’s no good Prohibition Party without some gambling ????That’s why we will have a pay to play Black Jack table, Casino Events of Florida will have a full Black Jack table set up. The winner takes home a fabulous gift basket filled with gift cards and local Sanford goodies. All proceeds from our casino games and cigar sales (yes, we also have those! From Corona Cigar Company) will benefit Super Stella Kate.
[2 year old Sanfordite Stella was diagnosed with a very high risk pre-b cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia earlier this year and needs our support.]


Kissa Von Adams will be enchanting us with her presence, be sure to snap a photo with her!


We’ll have a “photobooth” set up for you to snap your own photos, be sure to use #Sanford365birthday #Sanfording #celerycitycraft #sanford365


Internationally traveled and southern jazz and blues man Kid Dutch™ will be taking us back in time with his Red Hot jazz from the 1920s and 30s from the Harlem Madness Quintet at our Birthday party!!








We’ll be giving away three gift baskets! Best dressed Guy and Best dressed Girl will individually win a gift basket, as well as the winner at the Black Jack table. When you dress up and/or play Black Jack you have a chance to win a basket filled with some of the prizes from local business which are included in the list below.

We are forever grateful to the following local businesses that have donated amazing items for our gift baskets! 

Sofas & Suds – 2 VIP Tickets to one of Sanford’s best events! $70 value, we are SOOO excited for this year’s event!!

Limo Cycle– 2 seats on a public tour $80 value, we’ve done this twice now and it is such a blast!

Chocolate Compass– 1 box of their gourmet chocolates and chocolate bark.

Studio 105 SalonMaria from Studio 105 Salon will be providing a Gift Certificate to the winning gal for our best dressed contest.

The District– 3 $20 Gift Cards to their overly delicious restaurant.

Bitters & Brass– 3 drink vouchers so you can go and sip on one of their very popular and tasty cocktails.

Boxelder – a special gift from their beautiful Gift Shop

Tennessee Truffle– a gift certificate so you can dine in and spoil yourself with Chef Nat’s superb dishes.

Rosie Lee Co. – is a storehouse of curiosities and treasures and will be providing some fun treasures for our winners’ baskets!

Antidote Apothecary & Spa – A gift card to the perfect spot to relax and pick up your essentials to keep your body and skin happy!

Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe– A gift card from everyone’s favorite local German restaurant!

Palate Coffee Brewery– A $25 gift card for coffee or goodies at Palate!

The Historic Sanford Welcome Center– $25 gift certificate from our favorite Historic Welcome Center

Sofas & Suds 2017


Chocolate Compass

Studio 105 Salon

The District

Bitters & Brass


Tennessee Truffle

The Rosie Lee Co.

Antidote Apothecary & Spa

Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe

Palate Coffee Brewery

The Historic Sanford Welcome Center

What to Wear:

Here are some great Prohibition outfit ideas for our upcoming Celebration!! **Ladies please remember that this event will take place inside as well as the outdoor portion Celery City, so wear comfy shoes.





SPEAKEASY PASSWORD: Sanford365 is Cat’s Pajamas

(1920’s slang for You are Super Awesome = Cat’s Pajamas)


* Absolutely: Yes
* All Wet: Bad Idea or Individual
* And How: I Agree
* Applesauce: Expletive
* Babe / Baby: Sweetheart
* Bangtails: Racing horses
* Beat One’s Gums: Talk About Nothing
* Be on the nut: Out of Money
* Bean-shooter: gun
* Beef: having an issue
* Bee’s Knees:  you are the best
* Behind the Eight Ball: in a difficult spot
* Bent Cars:  Stolen vehicles
* Big One /  Big Sleep:  Death
* Bit: Jail Term
* Blow One Down: murder someone
* Bo: Pal, friend
* Boob:  Dumb Person
* Boozehound: Drunkard
* Bop: Murder Someone
* Broad: a Lady
* Bruno: A Rough and Tough Man
* Bum Rush: To be Thrown Out
* Bump Guns: To waste time talking about
* Bump Off: Murder Someone
* Button Man: Assassin
* Butt Me: Give me a Cigarette
* Butts: Cigarettes
* Buzzer: Cop’s Badge
* C: One Hundred Dollar Bill
* Cabbage: Cash
* Can: Prison
* Can-Opener: Someone who opens / cracks a
* Cat: Man
* Cat’s Meow: Something Really Fashionable /
* Cat’s Pajamas: You are Super Awesome
* Cheaters: Shades
* Chew: Eat
* Chicago Lightening: Gun Fire
* Chicago Overcoat:Coffin
* Clam: A Dollar
* Clammed: Doesn’t Speak
* Clubhouse: Police Station
* Cooler: Prison / Jail
* Copper: Police
* Croak: To Murder Someone
* Cut Down: Murdered
* Daddy: A Young Girl’s Lover
* Dame: Woman
* Dance: To be Hanged
* Dingus: Thing
* Dish: Pretty Lady
* Dive: a Cheap, Dirty Place
* Doll:  a Pretty Lady
* Drum:Speakeasy
* Dry Up: Get Lost
* Duck Soup: Easy, Piece of Cake
* Finger: Identify
* Fire Extinguisher: Chaperone
* Flat Tire: A Dull Person
* Fry: To be Electrocuted
* Gasper: Cigarette
* Gat: Gun
* Get Sore: Get Angry
* Getaway Sticks: Legs
* Giggle Water: Liquor
* Glad Rags: Fancy Clothing
* Grifter: Con Artist
* Gumshoe: Detective
* Harlem Sunset: Fatal Injury by Knife
* Hatchet Men: Assasins
* Have the Bees: To be Wealthy
* Heater: Gun
* High-Hat: To Snub, be Snotty
* High Pillow: Boss
* Hinky: Suspicious
* Hoofer: Dancer
* Horsefeathers: Expletive
* Ice: Diamonds
* Juice Joint:Speakeasy
* Joint: Place
* Kiss: Punch
* Kisser: Mouth
* Knock Off: To Murder
* Lammed Off: Escaped
* Lead: Bullets
* Looker: Pretty Lady
* Made: Recognized
* Mark: Victim of a Swindle
* Moll: A  Gangster’s Girl
* Newsie: News Reporter
* Oyster Fruit: Pearl Necklace
* Paw: Hand
* Peepers: Eyes
* Pinch: Arrest, Capture
* Rags: Clothes
* Razz: Make Fun Of
* Sap: Dumb Person
* Scratch: Cash
* Sheba/ Shiek: A woman/man with sex appeal
* Slug: Bullet
* Speakeasy: illegal bar that serves bootlegged
* Spill: Talk, i.e. spill the beans
* Square: Honest
* Swell: Cool
* Torpedo: Hired Gun
* Weak Sister: A Push Over
* You Slay Me: You’re Hilarious