You might remember when we first introduced Roots Raw Juice in Downtown Sanford on Sanford365. Since then, Roots has quickly grown into Sanford’s favorite feel-good spot, with owner Jenn creating yummy concoctions to cleanse, detoxify, and brighten moods across town.

So what’s new with Roots?

Roots Raw Juice in Downtown Sanford things to do in sanfordJenn is growing and expanding her offerings each day, and has made a lot of changes since the last time we spoke, including adding food to her menu! Jenn focuses on fresh, organic, and raw food, making Roots one of the best places to get a healthy, tasty lunch in Downtown Sanford. Jenn says she gets great traffic in the morning time and late afternoon, but things get slow in the middle, inspiring her to offer food. “Hopefully we start getting some lunch crowd,” she said.

So what can I eat at Roots? Jenn offers a simple, down to earth menu of items loaded with vibrant produce and great textures. Each item can be ordered as either a wrap or a bowl, and everything is under $6. The “Ninja Kid” really caught my eye: spring mix, cucumber, carrot, orange, edamame, egg noodles, and a house dressing. You can also get a side order of broccoli slaw, terra chips, or homemade hummus, and of course, you gotta have a juice to go along with it! Roots’ new menu has great choices for those looking for clean food but satisfying food, and will surely be very popular with all of my vegetarian Sanfordites. (Although Roots also carries responsibly-sources chicken on their menu!) When I asked her about her favorite new item, she admitted that she thinks her “wraps are pretty yummy”.

Roots Raw Juice in Downtown Sanford things to do in sanford

Even with these new items, Roots’ tried and true items continue to please. “I think my trail/protein bars are the most popular, but my Miracle Juice customer base is growing. (It truly is amazing what people are telling me it’s helping them with.) It has organic coconut vinegar, garlic, onion, ginger, turmeric, cayenne pepper, and lemon, so it has a slew of benefits and no side effects!” Jenn beamed.

Roots Raw Juice in Downtown Sanford things to do in sanfordShe has also extended her hours Monday-Friday to 8am-7pm, and is hoping to see more people come in the evenings to curb their juice cravings. We are thrilled that Jenn continues to find new adventures and doesn’t plan to stop. “I see big potential here and I hope to grow with this town,” she said. A woman after my own heart! Thanks for your tremendous energy, and thanks for bringing one of our favorite things to do in Sanford!

Visit Jenn at Roots (516 S. Sanford Ave.) Mon-Fri 8am-7pm, and Saturdays 10am-4pm for some goodness!
Or connect on FB: Roots Raw Juice.