Limocycle Sanford FL

Limocycle Sanford FLCan’t believe it took me so long to write about my first experience on the LimoCycle. I booked it for my birthday party late in March and everyone just LOVED it! Well, what’s not to love? Limocycling instantly puts a big smile on your face. Not just because it’s something different. It’s movement, it’s fresh air and the elevated seating makes you feel like on top of the world (kind of). In a way, you gain temporary rock stardom since everyone down on the street notices you and starts waiving at you. That, in turn, creates a great energy on the bike and fuels everyone to pedal even harder (not that this matters, I think the fastest anyone has ever “driven” is 7 mph). Add in the “bring your own drink” feature and 14 of your (closest) friends and you have a party! An unforgettable one!

Here’s 10 things you should know when riding the Limo Cycle in Sanford:

  1. Yes, you can hop on anywhere as long as you’re part of the group and have paid for the ride. They have iPad sign ups on board. However that might slow down the tour and cut time…
  2. If only one leg of you touches the ground with an alcoholic drink in hand you will be banned from the bike, no exceptions and certainly no negotiations.
  3. It is so much harder than it looks! During the summer it might be a quite exhausting ride so, especially then, bring lots of water with you! The Limo Cycle slogan, “SLOW, this is how we roll” makes so much more sense now…
  4. “Stop Sign Socials” (=the act of raising your cup and cheering at a stop sign) take place preferably in front of the best visited establishments in Sanford 😉 They will also get you tipsy quite fast.
  5. You can, and maybe should have, snacks on board (due to the previous mentioned bullet point, number 4…)
  6. You can stop at any bar for shots or food or drinks. If you already have food and drinks on board it really makes more sense to do shots… Fat Rat’s Lounge was our stop and the pole inside proved to be a fun party factor as some brave group members tried their luck while listening to tunes from the juke box inside.
  7. When sitting on the bike you better hold on! Somehow I thought it wasn’t going to be “shaky” but after a cup of sangria (or two) I wasn’t too sure about my ability to balance myself on the bike. So when doing number 4 hold on tight!
  8. Altogether there are 4-5 spots on the bike where you don’t have to pedal (the bench in the back fits 2-3 people) and the two seats adjacent to it don’t have pedals on them either, but you are welcome to “fake pedal” 😉
  9. Time flies! Minimum tour duration starts at 2hrs and at first that might sound like a good amount of time, but oh boy, does time fly when you’re having fun! Especially when taking breaks (and they are recommended, see number 3). So for future Limo Cycle tours I will plan at least a 3 hour tour.
  10. YOU decide where the bike takes you! As long as you stay within the historic district of Sanford you can plan out your route as you wish. And you can change your mind about that route anytime as well. I found especially the Lake Monroe waterfront to be a great scenic ride and the majestic oak trees of the residential district added special charm to the trip.

Limocycle Sanford FL

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LimoCycle can be reached at 855-756-9FUN. Go ahead and book your tour today 🙂