AmStar Movie Theatre in Lake Mary

AmStar Movie Theatre in Lake Mary

This is a great time of year to watch movies 🙂 Here’s a picture of the movie theatre at Colonial Town Park in Lake Mary. Since we live so close by we try to watch most of our movies here. With 10 theaters inside, chances are there’s at least one movie we’re interested in watching at any time.

Some comments:

  • This is a nice theatre if you like it quiet and less busy. Compared to the much more popular location of Altamonte Springs this movie theatre usually has a decent spot inside for you even if you’re going on a busy night…
  • The theatre doesn’t acknowledge a student discount.
  • Prices are pretty much what is standard.
  • You can add butter to your popcorn yourself which is kind of nice since you can control the amount of butter, but then again, if you’re a butter fan like me it’s not so cool if the butter doesn’t quite reach the popcorn at the bottom. Even shaking doesn’t help…
  • Ask the movie theatre for special promotions going on between them and other businesses at Colonial Town Park. We missed out on a “Chocolate Promotion” once because there was no proper announcement made, however one of the stores gave out free chocolate to people who had seen a particular movie at this AmStar movie theatre. I figure it’s worth asking…

Here’s a quick link to their current list of movies.

… and now enjoy!