Sanford 365 Blog in Orlando Sentinel

Sanford 365 Blog in Orlando Sentinel

Yay! I was very excited when I received a call last week about a potential article featuring the Sanford365 Blog in the Orlando Sentinel! Of course, I agreed to be interviewed and sure enough, the article was published today in the Orlando Sentinel.

Here is a link to the article.

Today's Orlando Sentinel

Today’s Orlando Sentinel

This is obviously a huge success for the site and I had a grin on my face most of the day :o) Almost 1,000 people visited the blog because of this article so far and I got very good feedback from everyone, thank you so much at this point!!

Only 37 more days to go until completion of the challenge! But as you can read in the article, I will  keep this blog alive once day 365 passes because I am truly enjoying to write about Sanford and the community. It just won’t be every single day…