Sofas and Suds Sanford FL

It was a great day for couch racing in Sanford! Sofas and Suds, one of the coolest and most creative events ever (kudos to Mike Smith of the Imperial at Washburn Imports for coming up with something so genius!), took place this afternoon (4/13/14) in downtown Sanford. It was the second time sofas were racing through the streets of Sanford (click here to read a previous post by Christina about the first event). Watching the races, listening to the fun comments of A Mediocre Time With Tom and Dan and seeing so many people come out to support the event and have a good time really put a BIG smile on my face! This is exactly why Sanford rocks and I am so happy to see the community come together and have fun! Thank you SO much to the organizers of the event, you have no idea (or maybe you do?) what an amazing job you have done and how much you are helping Sanford by donating your time to make this event a success! I am your biggest fan, truly appreciate all your efforts and admire your vision and creativity!

The next Sofas and Suds will most likely be in November and who knows, maybe there will be a Sanford365 couch… (I will however not be the couch potato, that spot is way too scary for me. I believe helmets will be a requirement at the next event…)